MOIDA Distributes Globally MELLISSOM's Mask Pack Certified by The Vegan Society

News provided by MOIDA
January 21, 2021 10:00

NAMYANGJU--(Korea Newswire) January 21, 2021 -- MOIDA will enter the vegan cosmetics market with MELLISSOM, which is a cosmetics brand of its official partner, Ipia Cosmetic.

MOIDA started exporting ‘Toning Up Ampoule Mask’ of MELLISSOM created using a material certified by The Vegan Society of the U.K.

Toning Up Ampoule Mask is a ‘clean beauty’ product developed without any animal-derived ingredient or animal testing. This hypoallergenic-tested product has been created using plant ingredients and does not contain 20 substances that are harmful to the skin, which means it is safe for use on sensitive skin. In addition, a single sheet of mask pack contains a bottleful of the highly functional ampoule, keeping the skin smooth and moisturized.

“With the variety of home care cosmetic products widening, consumers purchasing vegan mask packs are increasing. Mask packs must not only contain high-quality ingredients but also ensure that the ingredients are absorbed well into the skin,” said a MELLISSOM insider. “Toning Up Ampoule Mask is a highly functional vegan cosmetic product that contains Made White, a patented substance developed using plant ingredients. Made White activates the skin’s moisture channels to promote absorption of the ampoule into the skin and improve the skin’s natural strength.”


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