Tolos Launches 2 Day Frozen Shipping Service in Singapore

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Aug. 10, 2021 10:58
SEOUL--(Korea Newswire)--Tolos Co., Ltd., a logistics service provider, started the frozen shipping service from Korea to Singapore in July 2021.

The company, which provides logistics services targeting Asia, including Singapore, Taiwan, and Malaysia, entered the US market and additionally opened the frozen shipping system in Singapore this year.

It is almost peerless among B2C frozen shipping service companies from Korea to Singapore and has installed a stable cold-chain process. It is also getting more attention within the industry with its innovative delivery time taking only 2 days from Korea to Singapore.

Demands for delivery are significantly increasing within the B2C, B2B areas and especially from ordinary customers who want a parcel forwarding just after the service launch. It seems to reflect the current situation where the COVID-19 social distancing measures have been extended.

Kim Seong-jun, CEO of Tolos, said, “The service was organized to meet the needs of the existing customers. We have focused on building a process for perfect frozen shipping by multiple tests and simulations over eight months. Currently, delivery is done within two days, however, a 1-day delivery system will be established in Singapore sooner or later and be expanded to other countries one by one, and our aim is to build a stable global cold chain service.”

Currently, the most delivered items are food products, but it will be a milestone for other product items’ frozen air delivery.

In addition, Tolos adopted one to one consulting system through the Kakaotalk channel handling inquiries from local customers in order to provide a prompt and private CS.

“From my working experience in a foreign country, the most difficult thing was to communicate with the delivery company when I was to receive from Korea. Based on such conditions, we, Tolos provide 1:1 chat consultation to accept special notes, guide issues and answer inquiries immediately. It is one of the services that customers are satisfied with,” said Kim Se-jung, chief of the executive department in Tolos.

Establishing the delivery system from ordinary packages to frozen products, Tolos is drawing keen attention from customers and businesses worldwide and expectations for its future path are very high.

For more information, visit the Tolos Asia website and follow Tolos Kakaotalk channel.

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