MSIT of Korea Restructures World Online ICT Show Platform

SEJONG--(Korea Newswire)--The Ministry of Science and ICT of Korea (MSIT, Minister Lim Hye-sook) today announced that it has restructured World Online ICT shoW (ICTWOW), which is an integrating online platform to support international market entry of Korean ICT companies.

While exhibitions are put on hold due to the spread of COVID-19, the MSIT opened ICTWOW in November last year to support Korean ICT companies experiencing difficulties in developing international markets.

To celebrate the first anniversary of ICTWOW, the MSIT promoted the improvement of ICTWOW with a focus on expanding the international promotion function in addition to changing the name of the exhibition hall and advancement of the detailed functions of the show.

The restructured ICTWOW provides enhanced user convenience and business functions through the introduction of realistic VR mode and chatting and video conference solutions along with improved visitor statistics function to create an environment optimized for its operation.

The ICTWOW is operated 24 hours a day, comprising of Exhibition, which is a virtual reality exhibition booth, Conference, which is a conference hall for lectures and meetings, and Information, which provides information about ICT events held in Korea and abroad.

As a result of support to the online exhibition, content production, and international marketing for the products of Korea’s excellent ICT companies last year, export consulting was carried out to a scale of USD 120 million, and export contracts were concluded in a total amount of approximately USD 1 million.

“ICTWOW provides ICT companies experiencing difficulties due to COVID-19 with an opportunity to expand their international market entry,” said the Science and ICT Minister Lim Hye-sook. “I hope, through effective communication with potential customers in Korea and abroad, ICT companies will succeed in their marketing activities and ultimately grow into sound and solid enterprises.”

The details of ICTWOW are available on the official website.



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Ministry of Science and ICT
Sung-yo Kim