Mitigating Traffic Congestion and Accidents Using Dahua Smart Traffic Management Solution

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Dec. 14, 2021 13:50
HANGZHOU, CHINA--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire)--With rapid global urbanization and seemingly perpetual increase in vehicle ownership every year, improving traffic safety and efficiency has become a tough challenge. According to the assessment of international ITS organizations, an effective intelligent transportation system can help reduce traffic congestion and accidents by 20% and traffic delays by 25%. The Dahua Smart Traffic Management Solution, for example, has been applied in various countries to alleviate traffic problems and provide better driving and commuting experience. Equipped with AI, ANPR, image fusion, AR and robust communication technologies, the Dahua Smart Traffic Management Solution can accurately detect traffic violations and optimize signal control timing based on real-time data.

Traffic enforcement is one of the key focuses of this solution. By deploying traffic cameras with ANPR (e.g. ITC952-AU3F-LZF1640 model), traffic violations such as overspeeding, distracted driving, red light violation, unfastened seatbelt, illegal lane changing, etc. can be accurately detected. It supports recognition of number plates from 100 countries and allows algorithm integration with multiple countries. In addition, this Dahua solution also offers an AR Panoramic Platform that is connected to all frontend devices, and presents new labeling display system. It enables traffic operators to respond to traffic alerts and situations in time.

Another aspect of this solution involves signal control timing optimization based on real-time traffic flow. Powered by a lane-level traffic flow detection system, this solution can cover large scenes to detect multiple parameters such as lane flow, occupancy rate, queue length, traffic density, etc. With real-time data captured and analyzed, the traffic lights will automatically switch based on the time of the day and actual road traffic conditions, effectively mitigating urban traffic congestions. Green wave can be carried out during certain times for quick passage of vehicles. Also, these collected traffic data can help city operators in optimizing road network planning.

Meeting the numerous requirements of present-day traffic management, this solution has been applied in various countries and regions around the globe, including Serbia, Mongolia, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia. One notable example of its effective implementation is in a country in Central Asia. It was deployed at an intersection where vehicle traffic reaches 170,000-250,000 cars per day. It significantly reduced waiting time, improved traffic efficiency by about 25%, helped enhance traffic flow, and lessened the effects of traffic congestion in the surrounding areas of the intersection.

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