WITHUS & EARTH to Present its Energy Harvesting Technology for the New Normal Era at CES 2022

It showcases its electric self-generator WHEELSWING

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January 05, 2022 10:06
GYEONGSAN--(Korea Newswire) January 05, 2022 -- WITHUS & EARTH Co., Ltd., a company specializing in bicycle power generators that has won the CES Innovation Awards for three years in a row, will present an electric self-generator technology to lead energy harvesting in the new normal era at the CES 2022.

WITHUS & EARTH is a startup developing energy harvesting-related technologies and products. It developed a contactless rechargeable bicycle power generator.

Having succeeded in developing ‘WHEELSWING,’ an electric self-generator, by reflecting customers’ need for a ‘smaller, lighter, and stronger’ product, WITHUS & EARTH is drawing the attention as it is expanding the scope of product applied to all types of mobility ranging from mountain bikes to electric bicycles and electric motorbikes.

With the electricity generated when users ride bicycles, users can charge products, such as smartphones, headlights, taillights, extra batteries, GPS, navigation systems, and cycling computers that assist in our safety and convenience, by connecting them to WHEELSWING through USB.

“Our goal is to realize corporate social value creation through green energy. We are certain that applying WHEELSWING to all bicycles on earth will let riders participate in making sustainable Earth and environment,” said WITHUS & EARTH CEO YeoungHoi Hur. He added, “In particular, we anticipate that this year’s CES will be a stepping stone for our overseas market entry by discovering new partners in e-mobility and energy harvesting in North America and Europe. In addition, we plan to accelerate the development of self-generators that can be applied to various fields, such as not only mobility, but also fitness, camping, and disaster control.”

WHEELSWING at CES 2022: https://ces.tech/Innovation-Awards/Honorees/2022/H...

Website: https://wheelswing-volt.com/


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News provided byWITHUS & EARTH