NCH Korea supplies premium lubricants to Donghae Suksan to maintain heavy construction equipment

Reduces heavy machinery repair costs while minimizing downtime due to maintenance and repair requirements

Analysis confirms costs have been reduced by one-third during the first year of use of NCH lubricants

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Mar. 30, 2022 11:32
SEOUL--(Korea Newswire)--The world’s leading industrial equipment maintenance, repair, and product manufacturer, NCH Korea (Junkyu Oh, Country Manager, NCH Korea), has announced that they have supplied Donghae Suksan (Cheol-Yong Uhm, CEO) with premium lubricants for heavy construction machinery maintenance.

NCH products supplied to Donghae Suksan include PREMALUBE, a grease for ultra-high-temperature equipment, Spectra Xtreme, a high-performance engine oil, and HOC XTREME 46 hydraulic pressure oil.

Since its establishment in 2000, Donghae Suksan has become the leading company in Gangwon-do’s Yangyang region, manufacturing and supplying construction and structural materials, and owning and operating an array of heavy construction machinery including excavators, loaders, and diggers.

Donghae Suksan was already an existing client of NCH, having used their industrial grease. Now looking for additional ways to reduce repair costs of heavy equipment, and with their trust in NCH products’ excellence and safety, Donghae Suksan has chosen to use NCH gear, hydraulic, and motor oils.

Donghae Suksan tested NCH products on some of their heavy equipment in real-world use, and after analyzing performance over the year, confirmed that maintenance costs were reduced by one-third compared to when other companies’ products were previously used. In addition to reducing repair costs of heavy equipment, downtime due to malfunctions and repair was also minimized.

As the life expectancy of NCH lubricants used for heavy equipment is long, maintenance workload has greatly decreased while showing improvements in oil leakage and longer terms between engine oil changes. Meanwhile, work efficiency has greatly improved with longer available up-time for equipment.

Donghae Suksan is planning to expand its use of NCH’s lubricant product lines from their large excavators to include loaders and diggers and all other newly introduced heavy machinery in order to further reduce costs.

One of the NCH products supplied to Donghae Suksan, PREMALUBE, engineered for large heavy machinery and high operating loads, is high-performance calcium sulphonate (NLGI#2) that offers excellent heat resistance, water resistance, and wear resistance under extreme pressures - an ideal solution for operating and maintaining heavy machinery in extreme environments. In fact, in very rugged environments like mountainous areas where dust, water, mud, and high heat prevail, heavy equipment tends to have many malfunctions and require parts repairs, but with the use of NCH’s PREMALUBE, the frequency of malfunctions is decreased by 80%.

Spectra Xtreme, NCH’s high-performance engine oil, boasts more than double the life expectancy of competing engine oils, and is suitable for heavy equipment and large vehicles. Normally, heavy machinery and large truck engines frequently experience oil blow-by and scum, leading to piston wear which incurs high repair costs. With NCH’s Spectra Xtreme, engine oil blow-by and scum occurred less, showing improvement while decreasing engine noises and increasing output.

NCH’s hydraulics oil, HOC XTREME 46 is a synthetic hydraulics oil specialized for extreme work environments and long use expectancy. Due to the characteristics of mountainous working environments, large excavators suffer from various problems, with oil leakage problems occurring most frequently. By using NCH’s hydraulics oil, however, oil leakage has been improved while greatly decreasing the costs of outsourced repairs.

Manager Tae-Young Uhm of Donghae Suksan said, “Previously, outsourced repair costs of heavy machines were substantial, but by using NCH’s premium class lubricants on our 470 large excavators, the repair cost was cut down by one-third. This is a very satisfactory result that greatly decreased downtime and repair time, so we are planning to expand the use of NCH products to all heavy machines. NCH experts check not only the oil’s condition but also closely analyze our equipment. NCH offers thorough services and is an optimal and trustworthy partner.”

Junkyu Oh, Country Manager of NCH Korea said, “Donghae Suksan started using NCH’s premium grease to maintain their heavy construction equipment, and now they have reduced equipment repair costs and minimized downtime from malfunctions. NCH will continue to support our client, offering the best products in the industry and customized equipment maintenance solutions to protect their machinery and drive further cost reduction.”



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