NCH Korea supplies CERTOP #220, a premium gear oil, to Youngbo Chemical’s automobile part line

Since the introduction of CERTOP #220 in 2020, the product defect rate has greatly decreased over the last two years, including reducing the motor decelerator replacement rate to zero.

Annual repair costs have been reduced by over KRW 70 million while enhancing worker and manufacturing line productivity.

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Mar. 31, 2022 11:59
SEOUL--(Korea Newswire)--The world’s leading industrial equipment maintenance, repair, and product manufacturer, NCH Korea (JUNKYU OH, Country Manager, NCH Korea), has announced that they have supplied Youngbo Chemical (Young-Sik Lee, CEO, KOSDAQ 014440) with premium industrial gear oil CERTOP #220 for the maintenance of motor decelerators in its automobile part lines.

Youngbo Chemical is Korea’s number one cross-linked polyolefin foam manufacturer, and through continuous innovation and technological development since the company’s founding in 1979, has registered over 20 patents and cultivated unparalleled industry-leading technological prowess.

Cross-linked polyolefin foam is used in automobile interiors, insulation for building and construction, and shock-absorbing packing materials. With its technological edge, Youngbo Chemical is a leading environmentally-friendly company, having introduced the first wet electric dust collector in Korea and manufacturing recycled products by using incinerating heat. Youngbo’s businesses encompass 24 facilities to manufacture a wide range of products, including automobile interior materials, climate control materials, insulation for building and construction, sound absorption materials between floors, LCD inter-leaf for IT, and pipe insulation for industrial air conditioners. To prevent unexpected malfunctions and accidents, minimize part replacement and work downtime, and control management costs, it has adopted NCH Korea’s industrial gear oil CERTOP #220.

After deploying CERTOP #220 for motor decelerator control in mid-and large-scale production equipment in 14 of its 24 factories, malfunctions caused by oil leakage, water contamination, and oxidization can now be prevented. In the two years since Youngbo Chemical first started using CERTOP #220, product defects have significantly decreased, and no motor decelerator replacement has been required - representing a savings of over KRW 70 million in average annual repair expenses while greatly improving productivity.

Youngbo Chemical is planning to expand the use of CERTOP #220 from its largest decelerators to include smaller-sized decelerators and equipment at all 24 of its facilities, and additionally use NCH’s hydraulic oils for hydraulic equipment applications.

NCH’s CERTOP #220 is a heavy-duty industrial gear oil specifically formulated to maximize the efficiency of decelerating equipment, providing superior protection against leaking seals, water contamination, oxidation, and foaming while lowering operating temperatures and resisting oxidation to prolong oil life. By using CERTOP #220, unexpected equipment damage and downtime can be prevented in advance, thus helping clients with stable product manufacture and equipment maintenance while supporting long-term cost reduction.

Youngbo Chemical maintains that by switching to CERTOP #220 from existing gear oil, equipment operating temperature and noise has significantly decreased, while oil life is extended and the decelerating gear is better protected due to superior lubrication. Additionally, NCH Korea bolsters customer satisfaction by offering consulting services, during which experts will regularly analyze oil and monitor critical equipment.

Director Chang-Seop Jin of Youngbo Chemical’s Process Innovation Team said, “For better maintenance of decelerators, we started using NCH’s CERTOP products - the leading industrial gear oil. Youngbo Chemicals, having previously used NCH’s lubricants, had high trust in NCH products. We are very satisfied because we’ve eliminated unexpected incidents like decelerating gear damage or seal leakage. NCH is the partner that offers the optimal machine maintenance solution for stable product manufacture and cost reduction.”

JUNKYU OH, CEO of NCH Korea, said, “By using NCH Korea’s CERTOP industrial gear oil, Youngbo Chemical is reducing maintenance costs and downtime incurred through unexpected malfunctions and accidents. NCH will continue to support its clients by offering the top products in the industry and customized equipment management solutions to protect clients’ facilities and drive cost reductions.”

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