Webtoon Production Company Contents Lab. Blue Establishes Thailand Local Branch

Creates global foothold, expanding into Thailand market in full swing

Strengthens localization strategy, discovering and fostering domestic content, whilst proposing the establishment of global webtoon ecosystem

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Apr. 21, 2022 11:07
SEOUL--(Korea Newswire)--A webtoon production company Contents Lab. Blue (CEO Youngto Go) has founded a Thailand local branch and has begun its expansion into the global webtoon market.

Accordingly, Contents Lab. Blue Thai will be in full charge of producing webtoons that will be presented to the future Thailand market and localizing webtoons. In addition, they plan to develop new content and train artists.

Contents Lab. Blue is a global webtoon production company headquartered in South Korea, producing and providing quality content through webtoonizations of famous web novels and popular comic books. Currently, the company possesses numerous popular works and it is particularly noteworthy that ‘Descent of the Demon Master’, which was presented for the first time at Kakao Webtoon last July, set a record, taking first place on its launch date and attracting numerous readers. Following this success, ‘The Tyrant’s Guardian is an Evil Witch’ also has set a new record as the biggest sales of the day on the platform. Other works such as ‘Crimson Karma’, ‘Elizabeth of Velpera’, ‘Solitary Lady’, etc. are loved by many readers for reasons such as their detailed drawing style, highly probable plot, and fast-moving story flow. Based on these continuous successes within the Korean market, Contents Lab. Blue has founded the Thailand branch and is making the branch a foundation for an expansion into the global market.

Contents Lab. Blue’s director of the Global Division, Chanil Kim, has commented that “We expect the founding of the Thailand branch would have a large effect on differentiating our webtoon production environment and process from others.” He added, “With the assistance of this differentiation, we will maximize work efficiency and emphasize localization works that are based on culture, language and sentimentality, and we plan to present content that is tailored solely for Thailand.” Also, the company plans to diversify its content by means of launching various popular Korean webtoons and developing and securing foreign IPs. Furthermore, they have proposed that they will lead the establishment of a global webtoon ecosystem by building infrastructure through active investments, promoting the discovery of content within Thailand and training amateur artists.

Contents Lab. Blue’s CEO Youngto Go has explained that “We have prepared a basic structure for international business expansion through the founding of Thailand and Japan branches,” adding “Based on this foothold, we will not only achieve outstanding results but also continuously extend our influence within the global market.”

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