Alkegen Battery Group Will Exhibit at AABC Europe in Mainz, and The Battery Show in Stuttgart, Germany this June

Alkegen Battery Technologies Improve Performance and Safety of Li-Ion Batteries and EV Applications

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Jun. 09, 2022 14:00
BUFFALO, N.Y.--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire)--Alkegen, a leading specialty materials platform creating transformational battery materials, today announced they will be exhibiting at the upcoming AABC Europe Conference in Mainz, and The Battery Show Europe in Stuttgart, Germany. Alkegen’s Battery Group focuses on delivering battery innovation with advanced materials for Lithium Ion Battery (LiB) thermal barriers and electrical protection, battery separator technology, and revolutionary silicon fiber anode battery material (SiFAB®) that enables greater energy density, faster charges, and longer battery life in electric vehicles, portable electronics and energy storage systems. Alkegen, formerly Unifrax and Lydall, is a one-of-a-kind specialty materials platform dedicated to human health and sustainability.

The technical capabilities of the Alkegen Battery Group support customer partnerships with a global engineering team, deep technical expertise, and customer collaboration. These unique capabilities allow for a globally coordinated team of engineers and designers with a dedicated presence in each region, solutions designed for easy installation and handling, and scalable, customized solutions that meet budgets and optimize performance.

Alkegen’s range of technical capabilities includes Design, Testing, Prototyping and Serial Production. The global design team employs 3D modelling software to collaborate with customers and optimize form, fit and function. Thermal, mechanical, environmental and compression testing are used for part validation and new product development. The engineering team prototypes both in-pack and in-cell solutions once designed to validate product functionality. Finally, Alkegen’s global footprint of IATF certified sites and engineering teams support scale up through regional production locations in Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific region.

Alkegen’s transformational battery portfolio includes both in-cell and in-pack solutions. In-cell solutions such as separators and additives to improve cell performance and safety include SiFAB, Alkegen’s fibrous silicon anode battery material with ultra-high capacity that enables greater energy density and is highly scalable. SiFAB technology was launched last year and will scale to production this summer. Also from Alkegen, Inovion™ is a high surface area fibrous separator paper that promotes rapid ion exchange. Alkegen also offers several in-pack solutions including high-temperature lightweight products designed to reduce thermal runaway propagation along with providing mechanical, electrical and thermal protections within the battery pack. Innovative product solutions also include FyreBlocker™ LiB, AlkeGel™ Aerogel Materials and FyreWrap® LiB performance materials. These in-cell and in-pack innovations have valuable functions in numerous industries and applications from portable electronics, e-mobility, to robotics.

”Alkegen’s Battery Group is focused on delivering the latest battery technologies and developments from our long-standing tradition of innovating unique material technologies to create superior new products and solutions for our customers’ greatest challenges,” explained Adam Kelsall, General Manager, Alkegen Battery Group. “This transformational portfolio presents numerous opportunities for Alkegen with applications spanning EV lithium-ion battery fire protection, creating greater battery energy density and delivering longer battery life in both electric vehicles and consumer electronics,” said Kelsall.

Alkegen will be available to discuss these innovative new battery materials and more during the 2022 AABC Europe Show June 13-15, in Mainz, and The Battery Show June 28-30, in Stuttgart, Germany. Interested attendees can sign up for sessions with our Alkegen Battery Group experts to meet during the conferences by contacting us at

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Alkegen, formerly Unifrax and Lydall Materials, creates high performance specialty materials used in advanced applications including electric vehicles, energy storage, filtration, fire protection and high-temperature insulation, among many others. Alkegen is vertically integrated across multiple process technology platforms designed with the ultimate goal of saving energy, reducing pollution, and improving safety for people, buildings and equipment by delivering on our mission of helping the world breathe easier, live greener and go further than ever before. Alkegen has 75 manufacturing facilities operating in 12 countries and employs 9,000+ employees globally. More information is available at

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