Schneider Electric wins Energy Efficient Solution of the Year as it delivers climate-friendly and energy-saving innovations to the market

Schneider Electric awarded five recognitions at the Greek Energy Mastering Awards, including Energy Efficient Solution of the Year

The latest SF6-free solution, SM AirSeT, powered by pure air, enables industries and utilities to reduce environmental impact and optimize maintenance and operations

The availability and reliable performance of these long-awaited clean technologies make the EU’s recently revised F-gas regulation timely and achievable

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Aug. 05, 2022 09:52
PARIS--(Korea Newswire)--Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, has been recognized at the Greek Energy Mastering Awards 2022 with the award for Energy Efficient Solution of the Year.

The Greek Energy Mastering Awards 2022 recognizes best practices in the responsible use of energy as it strives towards a sustainable energy future. Winners are chosen based on their ability to mobilize customers to continuously improve their energy and environmental performance, including increasing energy efficiency and reducing operating costs.

Energy Efficient Solution of the Year was awarded to Schneider Electric for the successful solutions and partnerships developed by the company in order to achieve the most effective energy management and improve the energy efficiency of the infrastructure of cities (Smart Cities).

In the category ‘Energy Efficient & Saving Products, Technologies, and Services’ Schneider Electric won distinction for its medium voltage, SF6-free switchgear SM AirSeT. The award was due to its contribution to the reduction of operating costs for consumers and its ability to support a sustainable environment. The green and digital MV switchgear operates with the new SF6-free MV technology that uses pure air and vacuum innovation to eliminate the need for the most potent greenhouse gas in the electricity grid and electrical networks in buildings.

Schneider Electric continues its mission to help organizations achieve net-zero through innovative, green products. SM AirSeT is the green and digital secondary AIS MV equipment designed especially for commercial and industrial buildings and critical infrastructure. The technology has been successfully piloted at numerous electric utilities, across infrastructure and buildings, by customers such as E.ON in Sweden, GreenAlp in France, EEC Engie in New Caledonia and Azienda Trasporti Milanesi in Italy.

Delivering on the promise of building a full portfolio of SF6-free offers, SM AirSeT belongs to Schneider’s range of SF6-free MV switchgear, which also includes RM AirSeT - a secondary gas-insulated (GIS) Ring Main Unit (RMU) for grid operators; and GM AirSeT - a primary GIS for more demanding applications.

Schneider’s success at the Greek Energy Mastering Awards highlights that the availability and reliable high-performance of these long-awaited clean technologies make the EU’s current F-gas policy revision effort timely and achievable. If adopted in the future, a revised European policy restricting the use of SF6 would represent a key milestone in the sprint to successfully address European climate goals as the window on a +1.5°C future rapidly closes. SM AirSeT is proven ready for that opportunity.



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