The Pre-Owned Semiconductor Equipment Platform, ‘SurplusGLOBAL’, Begins the Era of the Semiconductor Equipment Cluster

Yongin-si Industrial Complex receives approval for the first completion of a semiconductor-related cluster

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Sep. 01, 2022 13:35
YONGIN--(Korea Newswire)--SurplusGLOBAL, a used semiconductor equipment platform company that recorded 206 billion won in sales last year, is honored to announce that it was the first semiconductor-related industrial complex in Yongin City to receive construction approval last week.

With the completion of the first phase of the industrial complex, SurplusGLOBAL is expecting more than 250 billion won in sales this year on a consolidated basis. Aiming for 1 trillion sales by 2030, the company plans to develop various projects of materials, parts, and equipment using secondary semiconductor equipment. It owns more than 1,000 used semiconductor equipment, from scanners to testers, and maintains a market share of about 20% in the used semiconductor equipment distribution market.

Bruce Kim, CEO of SurplusGLOBAL, said, “The business, which was biased towards the simple distribution of used semiconductor equipment, is being expanded to refurbishing and equipment manufacturing by utilizing the infrastructure of the semiconductor equipment cluster, such as a clean room measuring 3,636m2.” “Based on our existing business know-how, we are broadening our business into the semiconductor equipment parts. In addition, we just started a test wafer manufacturing with the advantage of the price competitiveness and short delivery time of used equipment and performance evaluation business of materials, parts, and equipment by utilizing electrical characteristic analysis,” he added.

Besides, he also mentioned, “We are conducting a business to support the training of semiconductor manpower by using used semiconductor equipment.

Currently, about 200 employees are working at SurplusGLOBAL, which includes subsidiary companies such as EQ GLOBAL, Smile Together Foundation, and TokTok's (Subsidiary-Type Standard Workplace for the Disabled). The plan is to lead in discovering and hiring semiconductor equipment specialists, including R&D personnel.

So far, 300 billion won assets have been invested in the semiconductor equipment cluster, and many global semiconductor companies are currently being discussed for moving into the cluster with the concept of Refurb Center, Training Center, and Demo Center. By the end of this year, an additional 300 billion won of assets is expected to be invested in the semiconductor equipment cluster if the deal goes through. In the case of attracting global equipment companies, cooperation in research and development using semiconductor equipment and human resource training projects can be expected. SurplusGLOBAL emphasized that the R&D foundry business contributes to the Korean semiconductor ecosystem by quickly and accurately evaluating the products of Semiconductor materials, parts, and equipment companies.

Meanwhile, SurplusGLOBAL is planning to build building B1 with a scale of 33,057㎡ next year. It also aims to create a world-class semiconductor equipment hub industrial complex with an annual floor space of 231,404㎡ and 2,000 work residents by 2030.

SurplusGLOBAL, one of the world's largest one-stop platforms for pre-owned semiconductor equipment, believes that to preserve the environment, society needs to make better use of used equipment through refurbishment and recycling. The company is committed to providing eco-friendly equipment systems to customers around the world.

To learn more about how you can contribute to a greener semiconductor ecosystem by using secondary equipment, visit website.



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