SMART Modular Technologies Launches its First Compute Express Link Memory Module

SMART’s XMM CXL™ Memory Module is designed to meet capacity and bandwidth needs for server and data center applications and workloads

September 01, 2022 16:30
SMART Modular Technologies Launches its First Compute Express Link Memory Module
SMART Modular Technologies Launches its First Compute Express Link Memory Module
NEW TAIPEI CITY, TAIWAN--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire) September 01, 2022 -- SMART Modular Technologies, Inc. (“SMART”), a division of SGH (Nasdaq: SGH) and a global leader in memory solutions, solid-state drives, and hybrid storage products announces its new Compute Express Link (CXL™) Memory Module, the XMM CXL memory module. SMART’s new DDR5 XMM CXL modules helps boost server and data center performance by enabling cache coherent memory to be added behind the CXL interface, further expanding big data processing capabilities beyond the current 8-channel/12-channel limitations of most servers.

The industry adoption of composable serial-attached memory architecture enables a whole new era for the memory module industry. Serial-attached memory adds capacity and bandwidth capabilities beyond main memory DIMM modules. Servers with XMM CXL modules can be dynamically configured for different applications and workloads without being shut down. Memory can be shared across nodes to meet throughput and latency requirements.

“With SMART’s long history of supporting and enabling industry standards including JEDEC, CCIX® Consortium, Gen-Z™ Consortium, and OpenCAPI/OMI, we are excited to be partnered with CPU and CXL ASIC vendors to support customers’ adoption of CXL memory to meet demanding bandwidth, capacity and performance requirements,” stated Mike Rubino, SMART’s vice president of engineering.

SMART’s introductory XMM CXL modules are offered with a leading-edge CXL ASIC controller built into an E3.S form factor with 64GB of DDR5 memory that is compliant with the CXL 2.0 specification. The goal of this module is to allow customer and CPU partners to bring up the CXL ecosystem and validate compliance across a variety of server platforms.

SMART’s XMM CXL modules provide additional memory capacity that can be dynamically allocated behind the CXL interface for those workloads that need it. SMART is utilizing its experience in enabling new technologies and new interconnect standards to fully support the adoption of CXL memory.

SMART’s new E3.S XMM CXL modules are the first in a planned family of CXL memory products targeted for memory capacity expansion and memory bandwidth expansion. Other CXL XMM products expected to launch in the near future include Add-In Cards (AICs) and E1.S form factors, each targeted for different server chassis configurations and applications.

SMART’s technical expertise supporting ASIC and FPGA-based memory modules aligns with CXL validation requirements for RAS features, including data-path integrity, poisoning and error injection, memory ECC, Chipkill™ECC memory, and scrubbing to ensure the new XMM CXL modules work as designed.

SMART is a supplier to many top tier OEMs, trusted for its highly reliable memory solutions. Visit for additional information on SMART’s XMM CXL memory modules.

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