Jeonju Bibimbap Festival 2022 to be Held October 6 to 10

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Sep. 30, 2022 15:00
JEONJU--(Korea Newswire)--Jeonju, a city of gastronomy, will host Jeonju Bibimbap Festival 2022, a representative cultural food festival of Korea, from October 6 to 10 in the vicinity of Jeonju Hyanggyo in Jeonju Hanok Village. Under the theme of Bibimbap, the event will offer a wide range of local dishes along with cultural performances.

The opening ceremony, ‘Gaematshik,’ which means “opening the taste of Jeonju,” will be started with pre-events including ‘Hyanggyo-gil B-boy Contest’ and ‘Bibap Race.’ It will be followed by ‘Bibap Art Wall,’ a display of an art wall created using Bibimbap ingredients, ‘Bibapcon,’ a congratulatory performance by a fusion Korean traditional music group, ‘Bibim Gimbap Contest,’ a new-concept contest proposed by the festival, and ‘Bibap Archiving Exhibition.’

The key programs of the festival are ‘Bibap Picnic,’ a picnic at Jeonju Hyanggyo, ‘Bibap Party’ to enjoy finger food and drinks with music mixed by a DJ, ‘Bimaek Party,’ a party to enjoy dishes with beer, ‘Bibap Theater’ to watch movies using wireless headsets, and ‘Bibap Table,’ a row of food stalls on Dongmun-gil.

The event will also offer around 20 standing programs to please the eyes, ears, and tastebuds of Jeonju citizens and tourists.

Jeonju’s tastes can be enjoyed at ‘Stories of Jeonju Food Masters,’ an opportunity to meet with Jeonju’s food experts, reputed families, and next-generation masters, ‘Insaeng Matchan’ to prepare dishes only for a single couple, ‘Bibap Restaurant’ serving Bibim dishes developed for Jeonju Bibimbap Festival, ‘Bibap Jumak,’ a tavern with Generation MZ chefs prepared dishes, ‘Bibap Food Court,’ a street food zone serving a variety of menus, and ‘Parasol Tables’ installed along a street by the stream.

A range of entertainment programs including a crafts flea market, a parade performance, an exhibition of tableware created by master craftsmen, and experience, game, and event zones for tourists will also be available.

“We will develop this event into a safe and healthy local festival model by operating programs based on cooperation with local residents and small businesses to comply with the COVID-19 quarantine regulations,” said a Jeonju City official. “We invite everyone to the festival to enjoy Jeonju’s food and culture.”

The key programs of Jeonju Bibimbap Festival 2022 will be held on a reservation basis. For details, contact Jeonju Bibimbap Festival Secretariat.

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