Single Use Support Launches IRIS Single-Use Bag Line

KUFSTEIN, AUSTRIA--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire)--Austrian solution provider Single Use Support GmbH is expanding its product portfolio with new single-use bioprocess containers under the brand name IRIS. The pioneering company leverages its know-how to provide reliable process solutions in the field of biopharmaceutical fluid management, continuing to pursue its vendor-agnostic approach.

Single Use Support GmbH brings IRIS single-use bags to the biopharmaceutical market. The company’s extensive expertise in the behavior of different single-use containers and assemblies in critical process steps, such as protection, filling & draining, freezing & thawing, storage and shipping of drug substances, has now been translated into IRIS single-use bags. IRIS, the acronym for its key values: innovative, robust, individual and single-use, is the brand name for all Single Use Support sterile consumables.

Robust partner

Thomas Wurm, CEO and co-founder at Single Use Support, to the introduction of flexible single-use bag solutions: "Due to our supply chain resilience and our vendor-agnostic approach we are a robust partner when it comes to finding the optimal single-use system for any pharmaceutical manufacturer.” The launch of IRIS single-use systems does not affect the company’s dedication to providing vendor-agnostic process solutions. “The goal of Single Use Support is to simplify and optimize customer’s manufacturing processes, regardless of which bag is preferred” affirms Wurm.

Flexible single-use solutions

Depending on customers' needs IRIS single-use systems can be customized in terms of volume, number of ports and attached tubings and connectors. Thanks to lowest levels of extractables and leachables as well as highest integrity at temperatures as low as -150°C (-238°F), the bioprocess container is universally applicable for bioprocessing and cryopreservation of biologics, cell & gene therapies and more. Single Use Support will offer different types of biocontainers with multilayer films of polyethylene (PE) or ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA).

About Single Use Support GmbH

Single Use Support is the first provider to offer complete, flexible, and vendor-agnostic end-to-end solutions for cold chain logistics in pharmaceutical manufacturing based on single-use systems. Its innovative products, such as the RoSS® shell protection for all single-use bags, allow for high-value advanced therapies to be transported around the globe safely, in a sterile manner, and a permanently frozen state. Single Use Support GmbH has 140 employees, and had an annual revenue of over EUR 130 million in 2021.

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