Schneider Electric’s Next Generation TransferPacT Automatic Transfer Switching Equipment enables reliable backup power access for hospitals, airports, data centers, industry and critical infrastructure

Delivers high-speed modular design for maximum scalability, increased durability and performance protecting against nominal voltage loss or deep or unpredictable power quality

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November 03, 2022 16:06
PARIS--(Korea Newswire) November 03, 2022 -- Schneider Electric, the World’s Most Sustainable Corporation in 2021 as ranked by Corporate Knights and the leader of digital transformation of energy management and automation, today announced its next-generation TransferPacT™ Automatic Transfer Switching Equipment (ATSE) - a range of high speed, compact, modular intelligent automatic transfer switches to a reliable backup power supply that offer increased scalability and robust performance.

As our life becomes increasingly more digital and more electric and power is now a core part of everyday life, now more than ever, buildings, critical facilities, and infrastructure are more reliant on reliable, uninterrupted power, supporting and enabling high-performance connection and management for backup power sources. With the next-generation TransferPacT ATSE, Schneider Electric further establishes its dedication to maximizing uptime and enhancing safety, reliability, and connectivity for industry professionals.

Rohan Kelkar, Executive Vice President, Power Products Division, Schneider Electric said: “Electricity is the fuel that feeds economic activity. Few operations can withstand the social cost and financial impact of an electrical stoppage. Data centers experience a loss of $1 million per hour on average, every time there is an outage. For hospitals, access to reliable back-up power and simply non-negotiable. This is why we are committed to equipping our partners with strategies, solutions, and services required to achieve sustainability and energy efficiency at scale, all while giving them full control over the safety and reliability of mission-critical operations, with the ability to detect and resolve faults at pace.”

The TransferPacT product family comes in two different offerings: Automatic and Active Automatic. TransferPacT Automatic provides quick settings and an easily viewed interface, while TransferPacT Active Automatic offers more comprehensive functionality and the option to extend to an external HMI. This allows users the scalability and flexibility to extend functions of ATSE by simply adding function modules as demand grows and upgrades can be scheduled without any interruption of power, through a number of unique benefits and features:

· Self-diagnosis: EcoStruxure™ IoT - enabled solutions provide predictive maintenance by collecting and analyzing ATSE data. This feature significantly maximizes resilience and uptime for an efficient site operation by using a unique calculation method to provide a more precise status, significantly reducing downtime and optimizing site operation.

· Flexible design: Given its robust and reliable performance that maintains power continuity and sustainability, TransferPacT ATSE adapts to all critical applications and has been specifically designed to boost the buildings sector, healthcare facilities, data centers, and transportation.

· Adaptable configuration: A built-in DPS and sensing wire means users enjoy a 30% time saving on installation and commissioning.

· Highly reliable and ready for the harsh environment: With increased power availability and efficiency boosted by connectivity and cybersecurity, innovative technology reduces downtime by ensuring transfer speeds within 500ms. A compact and robust design helps TransferPacT perform in the harshest environments, with operating temperatures of -25°C through to 70°C.



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News provided bySchneider Electric