Ella project to Hold Auditions for Global Singers; Japanese Musical Collective Ella project Embarks on Pursuit of Globalization

Recruiting Emerging Talent in Japan, France, Taiwan, and Korea

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Nov. 30, 2022 09:30
TOKYO--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire)--The Ella project, a Japanese musical collective that debuted in 2022 with “Tanizaki Dangerous” (French title “Tanizaki”) that provides a bold modern-day rendition of Jun‘ichiro Tanizaki’s worldview, will be holding the “Ella project Global Singer Audition” in Japan, France, Taiwan, and Korea from November 30 in an effort to recruit emerging talent that will become the new “Ella (Cinderella)” or “Ellas (Cinderellas)”.

· Ella project, the Modern-Day Cinderella Project
The objective of the Ella project, a musical collective that started in Japan in 2022, is to bring new Ellas (Cinderellas) out into the world. The intent is to help unknown artists become mainstream through their work with the project.

· The Project's First Single “Tanizaki Dangerous” Viewed 1 Million Times on YouTube and 30 Million Times on TikTok!
Ella project released its first single “Tanizaki Dangerous” (Japanese version) in February 2022. The music video of “Tanizaki Dangerous,” a bold modern-day rendition of Jun‘ichiro Tanizaki’s worldview, has been viewed 1 million times on YouTube. Furthermore, the TikTok video with the hashtag “#danced to Tanizaki Dangerous” have been viewed 30 million times.

· Audition to Be announced via Dance Video of “Tanizaki Dangerous” and Music Video of the French Version “Tanizaki”
The audition to be held will be announced in Asia on YouTube and Instagram via the dance video featuring Mayuchi, the singer of the first single “Tanizaki Dangerous.” In France, it will be advertised mainly on YouTube via “Tanizaki,” the French version of “Tanizaki Dangerous.”

◦ “Tanizaki Dangerous” dance video
URL: https://youtu.be/eRWD9yZRS18

◦ “Tanizaki” French lyric videos
URL: https://youtu.be/OySvWxxKR34

· “Ella project Global Singer Audition” Overview
◦ Audition Bonus
Full support for professional debut as the lead vocal for Ella project's second single
◦ Eligible Areas
Japan, France, Taiwan, Korea
◦ Applicant Qualifications
Females 18 to 29 years of age
No experience required. Each applicant must apply for herself.
* Dance skills are not required.
* Professional singers are welcome to apply.

◦ How to Apply
· Upload a video of the applicant singing “Tanizaki Dangerous” from the application form.
* Sing to karaoke music or the instrumental version of the song provided on the Ella project website.
* Facial expressions of the singer should be clearly visible.

◦ Other
Upload facial and full-body photographs of the applicant from the application form. * Snap shots permitted.
◦ Deadline
December 31, 2022
◦ Selection Method
· Initial Screening
Screening based on uploaded videos
* Only the passing applicants will be notified individually.
· Second Screening
Online screening by producer(s)

◦ Additional Notes
· The photographs and video uploaded during the applications process will be kept within the project and will not be released to external entities.
· Please note that the project cannot respond to requests to delete or destroy videos, photographs, and/or personal information provided during the application process.
· The project cannot respond to inquiries concerning screening results of the status of the selection process.

· Overview of Ella project

Ella project HP: https://www.ella-project.com/
Ella project YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLeEyY1ggHnJ-QKuC9vaYKg
Ella project Instagram Account: ellaproject_official
Ella project TikTok Account: @ellaproject_official

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