ECONINE, Top 5% in EcoVadis Global ‘ESG Assessment’

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Jan. 30, 2023 13:57
SEOUL--(Korea Newswire)--ECONINE, an advisory firm specializing in supply chain ESG (environmental, social, governance restructuring) management, has obtained a gold rating in the global ‘EcoVadis’ assessment.

EcoVadis is a sustainability rating provider equipped with a methodology based on international standards. Since its establishment in Paris, France in 2007, it has built a network while assessing more than 100,000 companies. ECONINE obtained the gold rating as its advanced management system in the fields of labor, human rights, and environment, such as flexible work composition and respect for diversity was assessed to be its strength. Gold rating is awarded to top 5% companies.

ECONINE is a company that is using the EcoVadis assessment system to visualize its environmentally and socially positive influence throughout the entire process of ESG management consulting.

An ECONINE person concerned in projects said, we have been acting as an EcoVadis-based advisor, but this time while preparing response to our own EcoVadis assessment, we have come to understand the difficulties of our customers. He continued to explain, “ECONINE is an ESG management advisory firm as well as a company that implements ESG management.”


Sustainability is a standard for company management that must be newly recognized, and ESG is the direction of innovation. ECONINE will be with you on the journey of change as an ESG solution partner.



Gilhee Baek
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