Gridwiz Surpasses 10,000 Units of EV Chargers Registered for Electric Vehicle Demand Response Service

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March 16, 2023 09:00
SEONGNAM--(Korea Newswire) March 16, 2023 -- Gridwiz (CEO Kuhwan Kim), a leading clean energy service provider in Korea, announced that the Skyblue service, Asia’s first commercial e-mobility energy service, now has over 10,000 electric vehicle chargers registered.

In December 2020, Gridwiz launched the Skyblue service and became the first company in Asia to commercialize a service that utilizes EVs and EV chargers to participate in the energy market and contribute to the stable operation of the power grid. Gridwiz has been integrating both private and public chargers into the Skyblue platform, and the number of enrollments exceeded 10,000 only within the first two years since its launch. With the expansion of EV chargers, the number of Skyblue chargers is also expected to grow at a rapid pace.

Currently, energy resources participating in the energy market through the Skyblue service, including EV chargers, amount to 115 MW, which is enough electricity to be supplied to 10,000 households daily. EV chargers registered in Gridwiz’s Skyblue service contribute to balancing energy supply and demand by slowing down charging speed when there is an insufficient supply of energy, including when coal-fired power generation needs to be reduced due to high levels of fine dust concentration. These chargers also increase their energy consumption to absorb excessive renewable energy during times of overgeneration to help maintain the grid’s stability and contribute to the growth of renewable energy.

“We are proud to have opened up opportunities for EVs and EV chargers to participate in the energy market as energy resources through our Skyblue service, which is Korea’s and Asia’s first commercial e-mobility energy service,” said Hyeongi Lee, Director of the E-mobility Business Division at Gridwiz. “Gridwiz plans to once again drive market innovation with V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid) technologies. We will provide V2G solutions to EV charging companies and expand Gridwiz’s energy service to make EVs and EV chargers play more important roles in this time of clean energy transition.”

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News provided byGridwiz