NCH Korea provides Dongshin Polymer with NK-150AGC automatic grease injector and automatic lubrication management program for facility management

NCH automatic lubrication management program eliminates downtime due to unplanned repairs, results in zero equipment failure rate and zero downtime

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Mar. 22, 2023 10:11
SEOUL--(Korea Newswire)--NCH Korea (Country Manager Junkyu Oh), a world-class industrial facility maintenance product manufacturer, announced that it supplied an NK-150AGC automatic grease injector and an automatic grease lubrication management program to Dongshin Polymer, a construction flooring material manufacturer.

The NCH automatic lubrication management program supplied to Dongshin Polymer consists of regular visits and facility inspections, abnormal status reporting, and preventive maintenance services for the NK-150AGC, an automatic grease injector equipped with NCH’s premium grease LITHIPLEX. Customers who applied NCH’s automatic lubrication management program experienced a more than 80% reduction in equipment failure rate, which significantly reduced annual repair costs and repair-related costs.

Dongshin Polymer, a global producer of eco-friendly building flooring materials, boasts special manufacturing methods and industry-leading domestic and overseas sales. The company’s public affairs team adopted the NCH automatic lubrication management program as a test while seeking ways to reduce third-party repair costs due to lubricant clogs in raw material processing facilities, increase operational uptime, and effectively manage facilities over the mid-to long-term. A one-year test of NCH’s program in Dongshin Polymer’s main raw material processing facility completely eliminated breakdowns and greatly reduced repair costs.

Working beyond just the one-time delivery and installation of the NK-150AGC automatic grease injector, NCH solved the problem of grease clogging in production facilities more effectively through regular lubrication management. Not only are simple repair costs reduced, but production disruptions and expenses due to downtime - which typically take place 3 to 4 times a year on average due to unexpected maintenance that can last as long as a month - were largely eliminated as well.

Due to the test program’s success, Dongshin Polymer applied the NCH automatic lubrication management program to an additional 11 locations and will gradually expand the application in order to continue to reap the benefits of increased uptime and reduced expenses.

Dongshin Polymer’s spokesperson said, “Outsourced equipment repair costs, which accounted for a large portion of overall maintenance expenses, as well as expenses related to production losses due to downtime during repair periods have been greatly reduced ever since NCH’s regular lubrication management program has been introduced. NCH’s automatic lubrication management program is the best partner for work environment innovation.”

Country Manager Junkyu Oh of NCH Korea said, “By introducing NCH Korea’s NK-150AGC automatic grease injector and automatic lubrication management program, the customer was able to improve overall productivity and significantly reduce waste costs. NCH will provide customers with customized facility management solutions that enable them to use industry-leading products more safely, protect their facilities, and realize significant cost savings.”

Established in Dallas, Texas, USA in 1919, NCH has cultivated customer trust over its long history while putting safety first and developing products and technical skills covering facilities maintenance, lubricants, plumbing, water treatment, food safety, and more. NCH pipe solutions have been used in more than 10,000 power plants worldwide over the past 50 years. NCH Korea boasts a team of dedicated engineers who have more than 30 years of experience working together with over 500 customers.



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