Schneider Electric drives water and energy efficiency at Padania Acque

EcoStruxure solutions ensure reliable and sustainable operations for 115 municipalities

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Schneider Electric
Mar. 29, 2023 11:45
PAIRS--(Korea Newswire)--Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, has reshaped the digital core of the Padania Acque water supply system.

The combination of Schneider Electric’s software, technology, and water domain experience is providing Padania Acque with improved operational management, reduced water loss, and less disruption to the water supply.

Padania Acque manages the integrated water services for all 115 municipalities in the Province of Cremona in Northern Italy, with over 150,000 customers. It manages all stages of the integrated water cycle, from capturing to treatment, across its municipalities which cover a large area with low population density. To guarantee optimum service, Padania Acque needed to centralize the management of its widespread water supply and sanitation systems.

While primarily implemented to optimize its water supply system, digitalization is critically important to reducing overall high energy costs due to water loss and monitoring performance and efficiency. Through the partnership, Padania Acque has reduced water loss in critical aqueducts and improved operational and maintenance efficiencies, allowing it to continue to supply reliable and sustainable operations to its customers.

Using EcoStruxure for Water & Wastewater solutions, including EcoStruxure Water Advisor - Water Loss and Water Simulation Loss, Padania Acque monitors and optimizes its entire water supply system and can take predictive actions to ensure reliable and sustainable operations for its customers.

Other results include:

· Reduced energy consumption by at least 5% and reduced overall water loss to almost half of the national average
· Increased EBITDA by 22% over the span of three years
· Improved operations by 20% with better continuity of service due to less downtime
· Standardized and unified procedures and centralized control of water supply

“By partnering with Schneider Electric, we have been able to completely digitalize our service, combining advanced remote control, plant automation and IoT technologies to provide a safer, more reliable, sustainable, and efficient water supply system,” said Stefano Ottolini, Director General at Padania Acque. “We hope to continue working with Schneider Electric to optimize our services and centralize our water and wastewater management operations.”

“With smart water being the fastest, most efficient, and resilient way to transition towards water preservation and ultimately achieve sustainability, we’re proud to see how EcoStruxure has enabled Padania Acque to accelerate change and better meet the needs of its customers,” said Alain Dedieu, President Water and Wastewater segment at Schneider Electric. “We look forward to seeing Padania Acque continue to provide safe, stable and more efficient systems.”



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