TeamSparta Officially Launches its Korean Online Coding Education Service ‘Sparta Coding Club’ in Japan

TeamSparta, a Korean Edutech startup, opened courses for the first semester on April 15

An 8-week full-stack web development course for those with no experience, making it easy for anyone to get into coding

Classes are provided in real-time using online Zoom and metaverse, Gather, to Japanese non-IT developers

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May. 11, 2023 13:24
SEOUL--(Korea Newswire)--TeamSparta Inc., a Korean Edutech startup, announced on May 11 that it had officially launched the ‘Sparta Coding Club’ in Japan, an online coding education service for Japanese who are outside the IT development sector.

‘Sparta Coding Club’ is an online coding lesson service that ranks first in the Korean coding education sector in terms of customer satisfaction. It provides practical coding education for beginners with no experience in coding. This entry into the Japanese market is expected to serve as an opportunity to provide training for IT skills that can be used for practical affairs to non-IT majors in Japan.

‘Sparta Coding Club’ in Japan is an 8-week ‘Full-Stack Web Development Course’ curriculum for developing websites. It teaches basic programming knowledge required for website development, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, MongoDB, and AWS. ‘Sparta Coding Club’ is a hands-on curriculum that allows students to learn how to code by building things themselves. For those who complete the course, there are additional mentoring opportunities for job hopping and side hustles.

For each semester, courses are delivered online on Zoom and Gather, a metaverse platform, for 5 hours from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. every weekend. The first course in Japan started on April 15 with a total of 18 students and will finish on June 4. The tutor is Daiki Nagashita, who works as a developer at Pocket Change Inc.

Currently, it is accepting applications for the second semester. The first course of the upcoming semester will start on May 29 and anyone who wants to learn coding can apply. In fact, the first-semester course includes those from various backgrounds such as IT sales, marketers, teachers, and general office workers.

Hyungeun Lee (Victoria Lee), Global Team Leader at TeamSparta Inc., expressed her aspirations saying, “Japan is geographically close to Korea, and they have many similarities in market conditions. With the growing need for coding among non-developers, I believe Sparta Coding Club will be able to quench the thirst for education. Starting with e-learning classes, we hope to successfully settle in the Japanese B2C market, and then further expand into the Japanese B2B corporate training market as well.”

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