Hi Seoul Youth Hostel Offers Free Seoul Tour Guides Program ‘Youth Goodwill Guide’ to Foreign Tourists

Enjoy a delightful Seoul trip with Youth Goodwill Guide!

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Aug. 09, 2023 18:07
SEOUL--(Korea Newswire)--The Hi Seoul Youth Hostel, led by Chief Lee Jeong-yeon, operates a volunteer group known as the “Youth Goodwill Guide,” offering free daily tour guide services to foreign tourists visiting Seoul.

Established since 2011, the “Youth Goodwill Guide” is a volunteer group comprised of university students with foreign language skills and volunteering experience. The members of the Youth Goodwill Guides assume the role of civilian diplomats, introducing the culture of Korea and Seoul to foreign tourists exploring the city. They are proficient in various languages, including English, Japanese, Russian, and more.

The application process for the ‘Youth Goodwill Guide’ involves accessing the website of the Hi Seoul Youth Hostel and completing the Google Form application. Once submitted, applicants will receive guidance from the manager of the Youth Goodwill Guide.

The guide matching process proceeds as follows based on the submitted applications:
1. Confirmation by the manager of the Youth Goodwill Guide
2. Matching of tourists and guides
3. Coordination of schedules and course planning
4. Guiding in Seoul (including writing reviews) and more.

The guide matching process is grounded in the submitted applications and follows these steps:
1. The manager of the Youth Goodwill Guide reviews the applications
2. Matching of tourists and guides
3. Coordination of schedules and course planning
4. Guiding (including post-tour reviews).

Please note that guide volunteers are students, not professional guides, so their availability for guiding primarily falls on weekends, considering their academic schedules. Specific guidelines and restrictions for guiding are provided separately upon application.

Youth Goodwill Guides actively plan and engage in diverse activities beyond guide volunteering. These activities include international exchange events and experiencing Korean culture. Through participation, they aim to enhance their global competencies.

Youth Goodwill Guide Google Application Form: https://forms.gle/mes851dTb2y5nKqU9

Website: http://www.hiseoulyh.com

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