DejaVoo Unveils New Disposable Products in the UK Market

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Aug. 20, 2023 10:15
LONDON--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire)--DejaVoo, a rising star in the field of disposable vape brands, unveils its latest offerings, Fresh Cube and Phantom in the UK market.

As an indispensable market of the global vaping industry, the UK has witnessed fierce competition in the field of disposable. While the majority of disposable products are backed by cotton coil, DejaVoo differentiates itself with the FEELM Max ceramic coil solution, delivering 800+ puffs and setting a new benchmark under TPD compliance. Notably, it won the category of “Best Disposable” with DejaVoo Cyber at the Vapouround ceremony this year in May and June respectively.

Fresh Cube and Phantom exceed expectations by offering over 800 puffs, a remarkable 30%+ growth in puff count when measured against the most prevalent disposable products in the market. Furthermore, they boast an unparalleled consistency of over 95%. These innovations elevate the vaping realm to unprecedented heights. The hallmark transparent e-liquid tank design not only diminishes e-juice anxiety but also preserves its aesthetic allure.

Both Fresh Cube and Phantom exemplify DejaVoo’s unwavering commitment to delivering a diversified vaping experience to its discerning consumers.

Fresh Cube features the Pink Lady, Purple Rain, and Sour Kiss as its main flavour offerings. It is thoughtfully crafted in the shape of ice cubes, aimed to enable its consumers to “Feel the Fresh and Stay Chill”. Phantom, on the other hand, adopts an elegant colour of matte black in a cylindrical design, which echoes its tagline “Unveiling Enigmatic Sensations”.

From mid-August, Fresh Cube will be put on trial sale at retailers of main lines in London. Meanwhile, stay tuned to Phantom at

【About DejaVoo】

Motivated to create trustworthy and loved vape products, DejaVoo integrates the best expertise in the business including conceptualisation, designing, engineering, testing and manufacturing to present unparalleled total value for adult vape users.

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