VINSSEN Obtains AIP Certification for 100kW Fuel Cell Module for Marine Application

VINSSEN awarded certification from Korean Register for its in-house developed 100kW Marine Fuel Cell Module

100kW Marine Fuel Cell Module to be deployed on a Leisure Vessel with construction and verification testing in 2024

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Sep. 12, 2023 10:30
YEONGAM--(Korea Newswire)--VINSSEN (CEO Lee Chil-Han), a maritime technology specialist in eco-friendly vessels and propulsion systems, has been awarded AIP Certification from Korean Register (Chairman Lee Hyung-Chul) for its in-house developed 100kW Marine Fuel Cell Module.

This certification is the first in a four-stage evaluation process for new technologies and is significant as it attests to viability of the design plan by the reputable Korean Register. This follows VINSSEN’s receipt of Type Approval for its Marine Lithium-Ion Battery System from Korean Register and Korea Maritime Transportation Safety Authority (KOMSA) in 2023.

The 100kW Marine Fuel Cell Module consists of a Fuel Cell Stack and Balance of Plant (BOP) that includes a Hydrogen Supply Device, Air Supply Device, Cooling Device, among other components. This is an integrated system that powers both the propulsion system as well as various auxiliary devices on-board. VINSSEN’s Fuel Cell Module uses Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) technology, which offers advantages in deployment onboard smaller vessels.

VINSSEN is planning to embark on a “Hydrogen Fuel Cell Based Leisure Vessel Construction, Verification, and Mobile Charging Facility Development Project” by incorporating 2 x 100kW Fuel Cell Modules on a Leisure Vessel, with construction and verification testing scheduled in 2024.

With the support of Jeollanam-do Province and Yeongam, VINSSEN will construct Hydrogen Fuel Cell Leisure Vessels in a safe demonstration environment. VINSSEN will utilize a shipyard near the Daebool National Industrial Complex while establishing and operating a mobile hydrogen charging station equipped with differentiated monitoring technology.

Meanwhile, VINSSEN will be participating in H2 MEET 2023 in Korea from September 13-15.


VINSSEN is a maritime technology specialist leading the charge in reducing carbon emissions through innovative and sustainable products / solutions. VINSSEN’s fuel cell systems enable the use of hydrogen and hydrogen carrier fuels as cleaner and more efficient energy sources for the maritime industry. VINSSEN also supports maritime electrification with battery solutions that can be paired with fuel cell technology. VINSSEN core offering covers manufacturing of fuel cell systems and related components, engineering in the form of design, assembly, retrofitting, and after-market services.

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