Qraft Technologies Launches AI-Driven U.S. Large-Cap Core ETF In Collaboration with LG AI Research

Qraft and LG AI Research partner to deliver a cutting-edge ETF that combines Qraft’s investment prowess with LG AI Research’s AI Forecasting Technology

NEW YORK & SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire)--Qraft Technologies, a leading invest-tech company developing artificial intelligence investing solutions, in collaboration with LG AI Research, the artificial intelligence research hub of South Korean multinational conglomerate, the LG group, announces the launch of the newest ETF : LG Qraft AI-Powered U.S. Large-Cap Core ETF (NYSE: LQAI).

Marking a significant milestone in Qraft and LG AI Research’s partnership, LQAI seeks to exceed the return of U.S. large-cap stocks over time by investing in 100 stocks. This latest active ETF to come to market will be powered by a proprietary AI model developed by LG AI Research and Qraft Technologies rebalancing every four weeks. This ETF represents a significant step forward as it marks the first joint project accomplished by Qraft and LG AI Research. With this milestone, LG AI Research adds to its existing AI-powered forecasting portfolio. For the last few years LG’s subsidiaries has been leveraging AI technology, developed by LG AI Research, in areas such as supply/demand forecasting, raw material purchasing, new chemical discovery, and more. Collaborating with Qraft’s long track record of AI-powered investment solutions, The research hub will bring it’s AI technological capabilities to the financial markets.

“With the launch of the LG Qraft AI-Powered U.S. Large-Cap Core ETF, we are not only introducing an innovative investment vehicle but also pioneering new horizons in the realm of artificial intelligence-driven solutions through Qraft’s cutting-edge artificial intelligence capabilities and LG‘s state-of-the-art machine learning, processing, and big data abilities,” says Marcus Kim, founder and CEO of Qraft. “We believe we’re setting the stage for a revolutionary transformation in how investors approach large-cap core investments and harness the potential of AI to drive positive returns for investors.”

“We’ve spent years refining our AI predictive capabilities to apply to our subsidiaries’ needs, and we’ve found great success in applying our forecasting AI model to financial data and analysis,” adds the Chief of LG AI Research, Dr. Kyunghoon Bae. “We’re proud to partner with Qraft to debut a new ETF and apply our AI capabilities in the financial services arena.”

The joint effort between Qraft and LG AI Research utilizes an ‘AI forecasting model’ driven by a deep neural network. The model will analyze a vast amount of financial and text data, including macro variables, fundamental data, and market trends, seeking to find patterns and signals that may be challenging for humans to identify at that speed and scale. It is designed to proactively identify the relative strength of individual stocks by analyzing macro variables, fundamental data, and market trends far faster than humans can process. LQAI's AI-backed strategy integrates various predictive scenarios, aiming for alpha generation throughout all market phases. With its capability to perpetually adapt to market shifts, the model constantly works to optimize risk-adjusted returns and seize evolving investment opportunities while predicting and positioning the portfolio to shield assets against potential market risks.

About Qraft Technologies

Qraft Technologies is a fintech company aiming to drive growth in the asset management industry through its innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) and investing. Qraft offers a variety of AI-powered investment solutions, including a security selection engine, asset allocation engine, robo-advisory solution and an AI order-execution system. From data processing to alpha research and portfolio execution, Qraft has an established track record in developing cutting-edge AI solutions that have been adopted by over 25 financial institutions worldwide. In 2022, Qraft received a US$146 million investment from SoftBank Group, entering into a strategic partnership to accelerate AI in the asset management industry.

About LG AI Research

Launched in December 2020 as the artificial intelligence (AI) research hub of South Korea's LG Group, LG AI Research aims to lead the next epoch of artificial intelligence (AI) to realize a promising future by providing optimal research environments and leveraging state-of-the-art AI technologies. And LG AI Research developed its large-scale AI, EXAONE, a 300 billion parametric multimodal AI model, in 2021. EXAONE, which stands for “Expert AI for Everyone,” is a multi-modal large-scale AI model that stands out from its peers due to its ability to process both language and visual data. With one of the world’s largest learning data capacities, LG AI Research aims to engineer better business decisions through its state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technologies and its continuous effort on fundamental AI research. For more information, visit https://www.lgresearch.ai/.


Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing. For a prospectus or summary prospectus with this and other information about the Fund, please call 1-855-973-7880 or visit our website at www.qraftaietf.com. Read the prospectus or summary prospectus carefully before investing.

The Funds are distributed by Foreside Fund Services, LLC

Investing involves risk, including loss of principal. The Funds are subject to numerous risks including but not limited to: Equity Risk, Sector Risk, Large Cap Risk, Management Risk, and Trading Risk. The Funds rely heavily on a proprietary artificial intelligence selection model as well as data and information supplied by third parties that are utilized by such model. To the extent the model does not perform as designed or as intended, the Fund’s strategy may not be successfully implemented and the Funds may lose value. Additionally, the funds are non-diversified, which means that they may invest more of their assets in the securities of a single issuer or a smaller number of issuers than if they were a diversified fund. As a result, each Fund may be more exposed to the risks associated with and developments affecting an individual issuer or a smaller number of issuers than a fund that invests more widely. A new or smaller fund's performance may not represent how the fund is expected to or may perform in the long term if and when it becomes larger and has fully implemented its investment strategies. Read the prospectus for additional details regarding risks.

LG QRAFT AI-Powered U.S. Large Cap Core ETF: Returns on investments in securities of large companies could trail the returns on investments in securities of smaller and mid-sized companies or the market as a whole. The securities of large-capitalization companies may also be relatively mature compared to smaller companies and therefore subject to slower growth during times of economic expansion. Large-capitalization companies may also be unable to respond quickly to new competitive challenges, such as changes in technology and consumer tastes. The market price of an investment could decline, sometimes rapidly or unpredictably, due to general market conditions that are not specifically related to a particular company, such as real or perceived adverse economic or political conditions throughout the world, changes in the general outlook for corporate earnings, changes in interest or currency rates, or adverse investor sentiment generally. In pursuing the Fund’s investment objective, the Adviser consults a database generated by the LG-Qraft artificial intelligence system, which automatically evaluates and filters data according to parameters supporting a particular investment thesis. For the database, LG QRAFTAI selects and weights portfolios of companies in the Universe listed on the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ to provide a balanced exposure to a variety of factors affecting the U.S. market including, but not limited to, quality, size,value, momentum, and volatility. The Fund expects to hold 100 companies in its portfolio. While it is anticipated that the Adviser will purchase and sell securities based on recommendations by the U.S. Large Cap Core Database, the Adviser has full discretion over investment decisions for the Fund.

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