GenScript ProBio Partners With NuclixBio to Pave the Way for South Korea’s First Large-scale Production Process for ‘Circular RNA Therapeutics’

GenScript ProBio seizes opportunity to step up by expanding from their existing mRNA therapy CDMO services to the domain of circular RNA CDMO.

NuclixBio moves closer to entering clinical trials for its Anticancer immunotherapy being developed with circular RNA technology.

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GenScript ProBio
Nov. 10, 2023 12:00
SEOUL--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire)--GenScript ProBio, a global multimodality CDMO and NuclixBio, a company developing treatments based on circular RNA, announced on 9th Nov that they have entered into a strategic business agreement to develop the first circular RNA-based anticancer drug in South Korea.

With this strategic partnership, both companies will establish the first large-scale production process for circular RNA therapeutics in South Korea from preclinical to clinical stages (with GMP production). This also serves as a cornerstone for NuclixBio’s of its circular RNA-based immune cancer treatment to enter full-scale clinical trials.

In the rapidly growing mRNA drug development field, circular RNA has the advantage of persisting in the body for an extended period and producing more therapeutic proteins, which is why it is garnering attention as the next-generation mRNA therapy technology. In particular, NuclixBio’s self-developed circular RNA platform, “ringRNATM” is drawing attention because it has not only engineered the IRES (Internal Ribosome Entry Site), which plays a crucial role in protein production, with its unique technology but also minimized immunogenicity, enhancing its functionality as a therapeutic platform.

Patrick Liu, Chairman of GenScript ProBio, also commented, “The strategic collaboration with NuclixBio, which possesses the most advanced circular RNA technology in South Korea, is a very meaningful project for GenScript ProBio to secure CMC and GMP production technology, experience, and know-how for circular RNA.” He added, “We will do our utmost to ensure the successful global clinical entry of the immune anticancer therapeutics developed with NuclixBio’s unique ‘ringRNATM’ platform technology.”

Ho-Young Kang, CEO of NuclixBio, said, “Globally, the competition in mRNA drug development is intensifying. Not only preventive vaccines but also cancer vaccines, immune anticancer drugs, CAR-T, and other areas are seeing mRNA therapy development. We are pleased to take a step closer to clinical trials for our circular RNA-based immune anticancer drug through collaboration with GenScript ProBio, which has rich experience and expertise in the global CGT CDMO field.”

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