AnyQuest Improves Citizen Developer Productivity by Launching Low-code Platform for Generative AI

The open-source platform is available immediately via an early access program to business application developers exploring and deploying generative AI.

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Dec. 07, 2023 11:25
BOSTON--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire)--AnyQuest, the enterprise AI enabler, today announced the availability of AnyQuest PyAQ, an open-source low-code platform for cognitive applications.

Cognitive applications improve knowledge worker productivity by integrating generative AI with enterprise solutions for customer relationship management, marketing automation, enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, and many others.

Unlike interactive GPT chatbots and copilots, cognitive applications can run entirely unattended. They do not sacrifice precision for speed and can run longer to process more data, use different types of larger AI models, or launch long-running jobs via connected enterprise applications and robotic systems.

AnyQuest PyAQ users define cognitive applications visually as flow diagrams or declaratively as statements in a low-code scripting language. The declarative nature of cognitive applications enables automatic optimization, massive parallelism, hardware acceleration, robust security, and control.

“We are releasing an open-source implementation of AnyQuest to enable rapid prototyping and testing of cognitive applications in organizations exploring and piloting generative AI,” says Dmitri Tcherevik, AnyQuest founder, previously CTO at Progress Software. “Once tested, applications can be deployed on a more robust cloud-based version of AnyQuest for improved performance, scalability, security, and control.”

To get started with AnyQuest PyAQ, a low-code platform for cognitive applications, visit AnyQuest at

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