Huawei Launches a Wide Range of Net5.5G Solutions to Inspire New Growth of Carriers

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Feb. 28, 2024 14:00
SHENZHEN, CHINA--(Korea Newswire)--During MWC Barcelona 2024, the Net5.5G-oriented products and solutions were launched by the President of Huawei’s Data Communication Product Line, Leon Wang. He noted that new ultra-broadband applications such as immersive terminals and AIGC have brought new opportunities to carriers. In addition, networks need to continuously evolve towards the future. In 2023, Huawei and industry partners defined the Net5.5G target network architecture and key capabilities such as ubiquitous 10 Gbps access, 400GE converged transport, hyper-converged data centers, and network autonomy and self-optimization. At this event, centering on ‘Bringing Net5.5G into Reality, Inspire New Growth’, Huawei has launched four solutions tailored to Net5.5G, covering mobile backhaul, enterprise campus, converged transport, and data center network, to fully support carriers’ business success.

Net5.5G Mobile Backhaul: Ultra-broadband is the foundation of the ultimate experience. The access ring of mobile backhaul needs to be upgraded to 100GE to meet the traffic requirements of ultra-broadband applications. In addition, experience optimization is required to provide a better mobile experience and improve the ARPU. Huawei’s base station routers provide the comprehensive access capabilities with 25/50/100/400GE to achieve network construction with optimal TCO. This solution is compatible with 4G, 5G, and 5G-A transport, protecting investment. Leveraging Network Digital Map, the solution provides industry-leading application-level experience visualization and optimization, achieving zero congestion for VIP services and accelerating user experience monetization

Net5.5G High-Quality 10 Gbps Campus: Carriers are expanding their scope of services from traditional private lines to enterprise campus networks. This opens up a new blue ocean for digitally managed network services, enriches B2B product portfolios, and increases revenue. Huawei has launched the world’s first all-scenario Wi-Fi 7 series products. And it helps carriers improve their competitive edge and avoid homogenized competition through high-density access, video experience assurance and intelligent O&M with Network Digital Map, accelerating their transformation from ISPs to MSPs.

Net5.5G Converged Transport: By providing more services on one network, carriers can realize new values of private lines and private networks. Huawei provides high-density 400GE covering metro and core to carry numerous 10Gbps connections. Tenant-level slicing private lines, low-latency path selection, and application-level visualization are used to implement network servitization, accelerate network resource monetization, and increase revenue.

Net5.5G Hyper-Converged DCN: The computing power leasing service can help carriers achieve new growth in addition to IDC equipment room and private cloud services. Huawei uses the high-density 800GE data center network (DCN) to provide efficient computing power and plug-and-play, significantly reduced deployment time. The industry-leading NSLB algorithm increases the network throughput from 50% to 98% and improves the training efficiency by 20%.

Leon Wang wrapped up the launch with the following parting words: “Huawei will work with industry partners to promote network evolution from conceptualization to deployment, bring Net5.5G into reality, and inspire new growth for carriers.”

5.5G Innovation Practices to Help Operators Start Commercial 5.5G Launch

Meanwhile, Huawei unveiled 5.5G innovation practices to help operators build 5.5G multi-path target networks at MWC.

Cao Ming, President of Huawei Wireless Solution, remarked, “As all industry elements are ready, we have entered the first year of 5.5G commercialization. Huawei’s full series of 5.5G products and solutions, with ‘Native Giga’ and ‘Native Green’ capabilities, help operators from around the world to achieve multipath 5.5G evolution across all bands.”

After three years of rapid development, 5.5G has progressed from vision to reality, and all of the standards, services, products, devices, businesses, and policies are ready. The first year of commercial use of 5.5G has officially arrived, and the commercial rollout of 5.5G is accelerating worldwide. While Middle Eastern operators have achieved scaled 5.5G commercialization, operators across Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America are verifying 10 Gbps, preparing for 5.5G commercialization in 2024.

To facilitate multipath evolution to 5.5G across all bands, Huawei provides 5.5G GigaGreen full-series products and solutions, which are ‘Native Giga’ with ultra-wideband and multi-antenna technologies, to improve performance by 10 times. They also are ‘Native Green’ from architecture to hardware and software to support ‘0 Bit 0 Watt’. To date, 5.5G GigaGreen solutions have been widely employed around the world to support the efficient construction of 5.5G networks that offer the highest performance and energy efficiency.

“As we keep walking the walk, we can reach our goals,” concluded Cao Ming. “Huawei’s GigaGreen full-series solutions provide the most powerful performance with minimal resource consumption, helping operators sustain success in the 5.5G era with networks that offer the highest performance and energy efficiency.”


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