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A Global Powerhouse Unveiled: TeKnowledge Combines the Forces of Cytek Security, Tek Experts, and Elev8, Redefining Digital Transformation with Elite Cybersecurity, Advanced Technical Skilling, and Scalable Technical Managed Services

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Apr. 11, 2024 10:15
COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire)--TeKnowledge marks its global debut today, bringing together the formidable strengths of Cytek Security, Tek Experts, and Elev8 into a single, unified powerhouse. Each entity contributes its specialized expertise—Cytek Security in cutting-edge cybersecurity readiness, Tek Experts in unparalleled enterprise technical managed services, and Elev8 in innovative technical skilling—creating a comprehensive portfolio under TeKnowledge that offers end-to-end digital transformation services. This strategic amalgamation heralds the beginning of a new era in tech services, where TeKnowledge stands as the transformative catalyst for digital evolution, providing governments and enterprises worldwide with unparalleled cybersecurity services, advanced technical skilling, and enterprise technical managed services at scale.

Backed by over a decade of pioneering achievements in the tech services industry and a distinguished roster of government and enterprise customers worldwide, TeKnowledge is uniquely equipped to navigate the complexities of digital modernization. By integrating these powerhouse brands, TeKnowledge tackles the critical challenges of bridging the tech talent gap and expediting digital imperatives, providing a holistic suite of services tailored to bolster cybersecurity defenses, cultivate essential technical skills, and deliver expert technical managed services to streamline and accelerate digital strategies.

Under the guidance of Aileen Allkins, President and CEO, TeKnowledge is pioneering new frontiers in digital services. Drawing upon her notable success at various tech giants including Microsoft and HP, Aileen has swiftly positioned TeKnowledge as a leader in secure and scalable technology solutions. In her first strategic initiative, Aileen has built an exceptional leadership team, merging seasoned executives from Tek Experts, Elev8, and Cytek, and enriched by strategic new appointments. This includes bringing on board Jyllene Miller as Chief Revenue and Growth Officer, tapping into her extensive experience in growth strategies and market development garnered at numerous Fortune 500 companies to propel TeKnowledge’s global expansion. The team is further bolstered by Eric Schifflers as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), whose vast experience across global organizations like NATO, Ria Money Transfer, and Roche, amplifies TeKnowledge’s cybersecurity defenses and strategic security initiatives.

The executive leadership team at TeKnowledge, a dynamic group of seasoned leaders, embodies a wealth of diverse expertise, driving the company’s strategic vision across public and private sectors. Their collective skills in global operations, cybersecurity, digital transformation, and customer experience, honed over decades, are crucial in navigating the digital landscape’s complexities. This team’s unified approach is setting new industry standards, establishing TeKnowledge as a leader in digital services and a catalyst for transformative growth and resilience in the digital era.

“A unified TeKnowledge signifies a major shift in digital transformation services,” states Aileen Allkins, President and CEO. “Bringing together the expertise of Cytek Security, Tek Experts, and Elev8 under the TeKnowledge umbrella, creates a synergy that benefits our customers as we enhance our delivery, achieving faster, more impactful outcomes. This positions us to effectively tackle the tech talent gap and pace of digital innovation. Offering a comprehensive suite of elite cybersecurity services, top-tier digital skilling, and scalable technical managed services, TeKnowledge is committed to guiding governments and enterprises worldwide through the complexities of digital transformation. Our approach integrates these services seamlessly, maximizing efficiency, simplifying processes, and accelerating the achievement of strategic imperatives with unparalleled precision and efficacy.”

How TeKnowledge is Bridging Global Divides with Local Impact:

· Optimized Managed Technical Services: TeKnowledge (f.k.a. Tek Experts) stands out with its superior operational excellence and agile solutions, supported by a global network of professionals, including a significant presence in emerging markets. Our enterprise managed services are distinguished by their ability to seamlessly integrate and scale, ensuring organizations achieve operational superiority and strategic success in the digital landscape.
· Precision Technical Skilling: Directly addressing the global talent gap, TeKnowledge’s (f.k.a. Elev8) custom training programs are strategically designed to equip both the current and future generations with the skills needed to navigate and excel in the ever-evolving tech landscape, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.
· Dynamic Cybersecurity Services: With an all-encompassing suite of advisory and Managed Security Services (MSS) offerings, TeKnowledge (f.k.a. Cytek Security) equips customers with dynamic defenses against the evolving cyber landscape.

The launch of TeKnowledge heralds an important evolution in the global digital landscape, emphasizing a future where digital security and operational excellence transform from aspirations into baseline expectations worldwide. At the core of this transformation is the robust talent—engineers supporting engineers, and developers supporting developers—to ensure unparalleled expertise and collaboration in tackling the digital challenges ahead.

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TeKnowledge stands as the transformative catalyst for digital evolution, enabling governments and enterprises worldwide to navigate the challenges with digital transformation today and tomorrow with elite cybersecurity implementation and managed security services (MSS), top-tier digital skilling, and technical managed services at scale. TeKnowledge envisions a world where every government and enterprise is empowered with the most advanced, secure, and accessible technology solutions. Our commitment to technology enablement, security, and advancement positions us uniquely in the market, ensuring our customers are equipped to achieve their strategic imperatives in the digital age with confidence and competitive advantage. Start your journey towards digital excellence by visiting TeKnowledge.com.

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