INB Korea Ltd removes the bubble of the price on air sterilizer, cutting the price by 70% , NEW ‘UPPERVIOLET ODEO’ product is launched

Innovative solution that simultaneously solves biological contamination and odor removal

Well-received in the global market for its compact size and performance

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Apr. 18, 2024 08:00
BUCHEON--(Korea Newswire)--INB Korea Ltd, the manufacturer of ‘viruskiller’, a K- air purifier and sterilizer product in Korea that exported 20 million dollar to 53 countries during the COVID19 outbreak, announced on the 17th of April that it has launched ‘UPPERVIOLET ODEO’, a small air sterilizer and deodorizer that can be easily purchased by anyone, even at home.

The biggest feature of this new product, “UPPERVIOLET ODEO,” is that it is a cost-effective product without the price bubble of air-purifying sterilizers. Even though INB Korea Ltd's high-performance air-purifying sterilization technology, which is recognized in the global market, is applied, the price is only USD 352 per unit, which is less than 30% of the existing air sterilizer. It is also excellent in user convenience, such as no filter replacement, so it shows excellent utility not only in hospitals and clinics, but also in small business owners and ordinary families.

Best choice for patients with weak immune systems, the elderly, & families with pets

This product is an air sterilizer and deodorizer that can sterilize and remove odors at the same time. It can be the best choice for families with weak immune systems or the elderly, families with pets (dogs, cats), underground shopping malls with no ventilation and high humidity, warehouses and toilets with a lot of mold smell.

In particular, it helps workers and customers to prevent odor and bacterial infections and live in a pleasant environment, such as crowded restaurants, hospitals and animal hospital waiting rooms, food courts, entertainment establishments, and warehouses located underground of the building, full of germs due to their humidity and odor, such as hospital operating rooms and treatment rooms with severe odors and germs for building purposes, and large distribution centers with many customers.

There is no hassle or cost of filter replacement

Unlike existing air purifiers, this product is designed to avoid the hassle of changing the filter every time and maintenance costs. Sterilization and deodorization are carried out by the effect of INB’s catalyst while passing through the honeycomb panels of diameter 2.6mm x length 40mm x 4450 channels, and this honeycomb panel can be washed with water once a year.

In particular, its excellent performance has been verified by various international certificates. According to the results of the sterilization performance test conducted by the Korea Institute of Construction and Living Environment (KCL) with ISO 16000-36, the international standard for testing, more than 99.9 percent of both bacteria and viruses have been confirmed to be sterilized. The ammonia deodorization test was conducted by the Korea Institute of Technology and Industry (KTL), and the removal rate was over 83 to 77 percent.

In addition, the product provides an INB ammonia filter as an option, and it has been recognized by the Danish Technological Institute (DTI) for its 22.8 times better deodorizing performance than the existing activated carbon filter. In addition, through field tests, it received good reviews from more than 20 fields, including leukemia cancer patients' homes, families with pets (cats and dogs), animal hospitals, dentistry, ophthalmology, hospital washrooms, skin care rooms, beauty salons, gym lockers, pharmacies, and nursing hospitals.

Only those who are prepared can export

In addition, INB Korea has obtained international safety certificates from KC, CE, UKCA, RoHS, and FCC in accordance with the company‘s policy that “only those who have prepared can export.” Currently, sales consultations are being proceeded by receiving sample orders from global hygiene and pest control company Rentokil-Initial, New York-based sanitizing and disinfecting service company Stat Sanitizing, and British dental equipment companies, and INB is also preparing to enter pet market in Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce platform. In the case of domestic distribution, INB plans to sign agency contracts with companies with various demand sources and relationships and start selling them in earnest.

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