International School Students Gear up for SLR’s 3x3 Tournament

Sports League SLR for International school students, to host second 3x3 Basketball tournament

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May. 06, 2024 16:05
SEOUL--(Korea Newswire)--The Sports League Redefined (SLR) Sports, an international school sports league, is set to host its second 3x3 basketball tournament on Monday, June 17th at the Samsung Little Thunders Hanti Station venue. This event is proudly sponsored by The God Ltd’s Mexican franchise brand “GOD EAT,” along with the 100% Australian oat beverage brand “OATSIDE,” and the sports equipment from Goal Studio’s “GRAB-ITY BALANCE.”

The tournament was initiated by Harold Yang, a student at St. Johnsbury Academy’s Jeju campus, alongside his longtime friends Roman Pinkston from Seoul International School and Sihoo Park from Asia Pacific International School. These students have played pivotal roles in organizing and executing the event, providing participants with an opportunity to not only play basketball but also learn important lessons in leadership and teamwork.

SLR aims to create an environment where students can escape the pressures of academic life and express themselves through sports. This tournament serves as an important social event that allows students to showcase their skills and interact with peers from different schools.

The event is designed to allow students to experience the spirit of sports, relieve stress, and create unforgettable memories. It promises to offer enjoyment and impressive experiences to both participants and spectators. SLR aims to establish this event as an annual sports event that represents international schools, continuously striving for growth and development in youth ventures.




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