Autel Energy’s Global ESG Launch Is A Success: Around 5,000 Trees Planted In EVergreen's Inaugural Tree Planting Initiative

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May. 07, 2024 11:10
NEW YORK--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire)--Autel Energy, a leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions and services, proudly announces the successful conclusion of its first EVergreen Global Tree Planting Initiative, which saw hundreds of participants around the globe plant an estimated 5,000 trees in the initial phase. This activity offsets an estimated 2,190,000 kilograms of carbon emissions (CO2), and emphasizes Autel Energy‘s and partners’ commitment to their ESG goals towards a sustainable tomorrow.

Partner Experience and NGO Feedback

Reflecting on the Initiative, one partner remarked, “We show the world we are not only talking about a better world and clean energy, but we are really taking steps by putting shovels in the ground.”

The non-governmental organizations (NGO) involved expressed sincere gratitude for the proactive approach towards environmental conservation.

Beyond Tree Planting: An Organic Approach to ESG

Autel Energy champions a comprehensive ESG strategy, prioritizing environmental sustainability in its core principle, ranging from production to operations to achieve its ESG goals. The launch of the eco-conscious Wood Grain Edition MaxiCharger AC Lite on Amazon (, with its 100% recyclable body and 95% recyclable packaging, alongside a 60% reduction in volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. Besides, Autel also strives to reduce harmful emissions organization-wide, implement employee wellness programs, reduce single-use plastics, and adhere to stringent environmental protocols through progressive sustainable policies. These actions reflect Autel’s dedication to integrating sustainable practices at every level, demonstrating its contribution to a greener planet.

Introducing EVergreen App Feature: Charge Your EV, Plant a Tree

Building on this momentum, Autel Energy unveils the EVergreen Challenge feature in the Autel Charge App, enabling customers to contribute to environmental conservation simply by charging their EVs. When they reach their CO2 reduction goals, Autel will plant a tree on their behalf, making a real-life impact.

An Ongoing Journey Towards Sustainability

Autel Energy, through its visionary EVergreen Initiative, stands as a beacon of sustainability and pro-environmental consciousness. Championing a significant reduction in corporate emissions, forging synergistic partnerships, and embodying its sustainability aspirations in every facet of business, Autel Energy is not merely navigating towards a more sustainable industry but is redefining it. This endeavor is just the beginning to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, heralding in a new and enlightened era of environmental sustainability.

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