Wi-Charge Ushers in New Era of Wireless Device Charging

- With New Patented Technology, Wi-Charge Brings Light Based, Long-Range, Automatic Wireless Charging to Smart Home and Mobile Devices

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Mar. 11, 2015 13:50
REHOVOT, ISRAEL--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire)--Wi-Charge, an Israeli technology startup that is out to change the way people power their devices, today officially debuts the latest in wireless charging technology. Wi-Charge’s technology delivers up to 10W of power over 30 feet to multiple devices via an infrared light beam. This technology allows smart home and mobile devices a source of unlimited and safe power.

“We promise to offer unlimited battery life for all things wireless. Our light based technology allows us to bring automatic, wi-fi like charging capabilities, to power the devices that people use on a daily basis,” said Victor Vaisleib, CEO of Wi-Charge. “With the coming flood of smart home and mobile devices, ample and pervasive power will be necessary. Wi-Charge offers a complete, safe and easy to implement solution to this requirement.”

Wi-Charge products will be available within the first half of 2016. The company has developed a wireless power receiver that can be integrated into smart home devices such as IP-cameras and smart sensors, as well as a paired wireless power transmitter that users can simply install by plugging it into a regular electrical socket. The mobile phone product in the works will consist of a user-installed power transmitter (which will be as easy to install as replacing a light bulb), and a matching receiver such as a phone case sleeve.

Comprised of a team of engineering veterans and seasoned entrepreneurs, Wi-Charge is dedicated to delivering the ultimate wireless charging experience that is both powerful and efficient over long distances, while being completely safe for everyday use. The company is actively engaged in conversations with OEM partners to safely integrate this technology to a variety of consumer electronics.

For more information, please visit: http://www.wi-charge.com/. For images and other assets, please visit: https://app.box.com/Wi-Charge.

About Wi-Charge

Wi-Charge develops products that offer unlimited battery life for all things wireless. Using infrared light beam, Wi-Charge is able to charge smart home and mobile devices over long range, with virtually no user intervention. Founded in 2010 by a team of engineering veterans and seasoned entrepreneurs, the company operates from its main office in Rehovot Science Park, Israel. While currently commercializing the technology, first products are expected within 12-18 months.

Website: https://www.wi-charge.com


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