AtMet KOREA Participates in Logis-Tech TOKYO 2020 Aiming to Expand into Global Market

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Feb. 20, 2020 14:32
ULSAN--(Korea Newswire)--AtMet KOREA, an export cargo packing materials provider, announced that it showcases its major products at the Logis-Tech TOKYO 2020 being held February 19~21, 2020 in Tokyo.

AtMet KOREA manufactures and provides cargo packing airbags that can prevent damages on cargos when transporting them in containers.

The Logis-Tech TOKYO 2020 is one of the largest material handling and logistics trade shows in Japan. In its last event in 2018, more than 500 companies from around the world exhibited new products and over 74,000 logistics professionals took part in the event.

Having started to develop and manufacture products in 1995 at its factory in Tianjin, China, AtMet KOREA was founded in August 2006 by Taesung Industry, its parent company. Since then, it had expanded into overseas markets under the motto of ‘Global partner that creates better value’ and it established AtMet KOREA as a corporate in Korea in 2011.

Its flagship products include ‘AtMet dunnage airbag’, which is eco-friendly and excellent in quality. It has obtained a number of certifications and recognitions, including the AAR certification, ISO9001 quality certification, airbag test report, and RoHS environmental test report.

“We are committed to satisfying customers’ needs by always looking into workplace environment of customers and listening to their voice. We will show its outcomes at the Logis-Tech TOKYO 2020,” said a manager at AtMet KOREA.

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