Waters Introduces Faster, Reliable and Automated Solution for Mass and Purity Analysis of Biomolecules

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New Intact Mass software application on waters_connect enables simplified and significantly faster analysis of biomolecules for mass and purity

Intact Mass App is now available as an upgrade for new and installed BioAccord LC-MS systems

New line of Waters MaxPeak Premier columns further enhances the analysis by delivering 2x to 3x greater sensitivity than conventional steel columns

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Mar. 23, 2022 16:50
MILFORD, MASS.--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire)--Waters Corporation (NYSE:WAT) today introduced new software and analytical columns to aid biomolecule drug discovery and development. The new Waters™ Intact Mass app on waters_connect™ allows scientists using the BioAccord™ LC-MS System to confirm the mass of biomolecules and impurities made by synthetic or recombinant processes nearly twice as fast as other commercially available options.[i]

“Acquiring mass and purity data of biomolecules is time consuming. Skilled analysis of complex mass spectrometry data is required, typically in remote specialist analytical laboratories,” said Jon Pratt, Waters Division Senior Vice President, Waters Corporation. “The new Waters Intact Mass App enables bioengineers and biochemists to accelerate drug discovery and development with simplified technology to generate mass confirmation data on their own in minutes/hours instead of days/weeks.”

Intact mass analysis is routinely performed during all stages of the development of biological drugs including proteins, peptides, oligonucleotide therapies and conjugates. In early stages of drug discovery, biochemists must analyze hundreds or even thousands of different samples per week. To help speed this process, the Waters Intact Mass app provides a fast, reliable, and automated solution to facilitate mass confirmation and purity determination of novel biotherapeutics. The application features intelligent automated deconvolution to process sample results within minutes of their capture, with minimal user input.

Introducing Waters MaxPeak Premier Protein BEH C4 300Å Columns for Intact & Subunit Protein Analyses

Complementing the introduction of the Intact Mass app is a new line of analytical columns that are essential for analyzing intact biomolecules and their subunits. The ACQUITY™ Premier and XBridge™ Premier Protein BEH C4 300Å Columns for the BioAccord LC-MS System feature MaxPeak High Performance Surfaces (HPS) technology that prevents the loss of sample analytes due to adsorption of phosphorylated and carboxylated molecules between the sample and metal surfaces of both the LC system and column. This enables up to 3X greater sensitivity for low-level intact mass analysis and 2X greater sensitivity for the intact mass analysis of phosphorylated proteins and low-level subunits of monoclonal antibodies.[ii]

The Intact Mass App on waters_connect is available for new BioAccord LC-MS Systems and as an upgrade to previously installed systems. MaxPeak Premier Protein BEH C4 300Å Columns are now available from Waters worldwide.

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[i] Estimate based on obtaining the results for 96 samples using a Waters BioAccord System and Intact Mass parallel acquisition and processing approach as compared to the “acquire then process” workflow of commercially available offerings.

[ii] Based on a comparison of MaxPeak Premier Protein BEH C4 300Å Columns with stainless steel ACQUITY Protein 300Å Columns

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