Video Streaming Market - Live Streaming Is Expected To Gain More Than 62% Market Share: Latest Study by Fact.MR

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Apr. 25, 2022 10:00
SEOUL--(Korea Newswire)--According to the Latest Analysis by Fact.MR, the Disruptive technology applications in artificial intelligence (AI), and big data analytics are triggering the adoption of video streaming among consumers. The global sales of video streaming will grow at an astounding 17% CAGR by the projection period 2029.

The market will further receive impetus in the near term with unprecedented viewership amid the coronavirus outbreak. Expanding cloud infrastructure facilitates seamless streaming of high-definition video content. Market players are prioritizing the capture of streaming share by creating original content. The competition in the video streaming market is driven by the quality and variety of video content.

The report also comprises the study of current issues with end users and opportunities for video streaming. It also contains a value chain analysis, including the key market participants. To provide users of this report with a comprehensive view of the market, we have included a detailed competitive analysis of the key players involved in the market and strategic overviews.

Technical Expertise and Infrastructure Capability to Bolster the Growth of Video Streaming Industry

The convenience of uninterrupted cross-streaming between multiple devices is a major driver for video streaming platforms. Successful advertising generates considerable revenue for market players. A majority of consumers cite viewer profiles as a major benefit of video streaming services. Separate viewer profiles on platforms such as HooQ, and Netflix help users track their favorite shows and films.

They employ user viewing behavior and conduct consumer sentiment analysis to find relevant suggestions. On one hand, consumers get a unique viewing experience with convenience factors such as the last scene and taste-specific content suggestions. On the other hand, video streaming platforms continuously engage and delight consumers by efficiently providing suggestions for remunerative streaming.

Key Takeaways of Video Streaming Market study

· On the back of a strong cloud network and internet connectivity such as 5G, North America leads global sales with over 20% of the total market value share.
· Middle East & Africa offer the most noteworthy revenue opportunities with a double-digit 19% CAGR by 2029. Surging penetration of digital services and smart devices in the Middle East & African countries drives growth in this region.
· Consumer end-use segment accounts for the highest demand for video streaming services. The segment holds more than 53% of the total market value share with a stupendous 18% CAGR through 2029. Live streaming of sports events, and mobile battle arena games act as a central factor for growth.
· Non-Linear streaming type presents profitable opportunities with over 18% CAGR during the projection period. Investments from video streaming platforms in producing original content impel the demand for video streaming services.
· Subscription-based revenue model emerges as the leader in revenue generation with more than 51% of the total market revenue share. Features such as multiple screens, profiles, and parental control are giving traction to this revenue model.
· Convenient availability of film and TV content over smartphones and tablets is driving the Over-the-top (OTT) delivery channel to exhibit a stellar 19% CAGR by 2029.

“Increasing disposable income will drive consumers to purchase subscriptions from multiple video streaming vendors. Market players must then prioritize engaging consumers based on content, picture quality, and streaming convenience. Revenues are expected to be garnered by organizations forging strategic partnerships with local celebrities that increase footfalls based on their personal goodwill,” says Fact.MR analyst.

Report Benefits & Key Questions Answered

· Video Streaming Category and segment level analysis: Fact MR provides a detailed analysis of the factors influencing sales growth across key segments. It highlights key growth drivers and provides useful information for identifying sales prospects at the regional and local levels.
· Video Streaming Historical volume analysis: The report provides a comparison of Video Streaming’s historical sales and projected sales performance for 2021-2031.
· Video Streaming Manufacturing trend analysis: The report offers a detailed analysis of manufacturing trends in the Video Streaming market. It carefully gauges the impact of changing healthcare needs of key demographics globally
· Video Streaming Consumption by demographics: The report investigates consumer behavior affecting Video Streaming demand outlook for the assessment period. The effect of their keenness for digital trends on Video Streaming market is carefully analyzed
· Post COVID consumer spending on Video Streaming: Healthcare industry has been largely influenced by COVID-19 pandemic. The Fact MR Market survey analyzed consumer spending post-COVID-19. It assesses how current trends will influence expenditure on healthcare services, thus affecting Video Streaming market growth.

Key Segments Covered in the Video Streaming Industry Survey

· Streaming Type
- Live Video Streaming
- Non-Linear Video Streaming

· Delivery Channel
- Video Streaming via Internet Protocol TV
- Over-the-Top (OTT) Video Streaming
- Video Streaming through Pay-TV

· Platform
- Video Streaming across Gaming Consoles
- Video Streaming across Laptops & Desktops
- Video Streaming across Smartphones & Tablets
- Video Streaming across Smart TV

· Service
- Video Streaming for Consulting
- Video Streaming for Managed Services
- Video Streaming for Training & Support

· Revenue Model
- Video Streaming through Advertising
- Rental Video Streaming
- Subscription-based Video Streaming

Competitive Landscape

· In September 2021, Akamai Technologies launched Learn Akamai, a free learning platform to help customers to gain knowledge of different levels. The company is focusing on providing a learning platform for companies working with limited training budgets.
· Netflix Inc.
· Akamai Technologies
· Amazon Web Services Inc.
· Google LLC
· Microsoft Corporation,
· Tencent
· iQIYI Inc.
· Novi Digital Entertainment Pvt Ltd (Hotstar)

Video Streaming Market Analysis:
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