Siemens Korea Celebrates its 55th Founding Anniversary, Conducting ESG Activity

Siemens Korea holds the 55th-anniversary celebration, conducting environmental clean-up activity around Han River Park with the participation of employees

HaJoong Chung, President and CEO of Siemens Korea said, “We remain committed to being a strong partner that supports digital transformation and a sustainable future for the Korean industry.”

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Oct. 06, 2022 10:36
SEOUL--(Korea Newswire)--A global powerhouse in electrical engineering and electronics, Siemens Korea (Siemens Ltd. Seoul·SLS) celebrated the 175th anniversary of Siemens AG and the 55th anniversary of Siemens Korea at the headquarters located in Gwanghwamun D-Tower on October 5.

Siemens entered the Korean market by participating in reconstruction and infrastructure projects following the end of the Korean war in the 1950s. Since the foundation of a liaison office in Korea in 1967, the company has been taking the initiative in creating various business cooperation with Korean companies based on its advanced technology and global experience. Siemens Korea has grown alongside Korea’s industrial and economic development while taking the lead in the expansion of R&D and manufacturing in Korea through intensive investment.

During a celebration event on the anniversary day of the founding, October 5, employees of Siemens Korea looked back on the company’s 55-year history, while sharing goals and ambitions for the next 100 years. Mr. HaJoong Chung, President and CEO of Siemens Korea, expressed his gratitude to all employees for their efforts and contributions, encouraging them to move forward together to achieve the company’s sustainable development.

On the afternoon of the same day, Siemens Korea conducted an ‘ESG Campaign for a Sustainable Future’ at Han River Park in Yeouido to celebrate the 55th anniversary in a more meaningful way. As part of environmental clean-up activities, 55 employees representing the 55th anniversary picked up waste around the park for half a day. Siemens Korea plans to continuously conduct activities in daily life to protect the environment from the climate crisis while putting ‘sustainability’ at the heart of all businesses.

“Siemens has been growing along with Korea’s industrial and economic development for over half a century. I would like to sincerely thank all our customers, partners, and employees for their support in enabling Siemens to become the most reliable partner for Korean industries,” said Mr. HaJoong Chung, President and CEO of Siemens Korea. “In an era where digitization and sustainability are directly linked to a company’s success, Siemens Korea will remain committed to actively supporting the digital transformation of customers and the Korean industry, while providing innovative products, solutions, and services to support customers’ ESG business management.”


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