Access Advance Announces Initial VVC Advance Patent List

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Nov. 30, 2022 16:15
BOSTON--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire)--Access Advance today posted the initial patent list for its VVC Advance Patent Pool ( The initial patent list includes over 700 VVC standard essential patents (SEPs) issued in sixty-one countries that were independently determined to be essential to the VVC/H.266 Standard. With thirty-three VVC Advance Licensors currently, the size of the VVC Advance patent list is expected to grow substantially as additional VVC SEPs issue and are evaluated, and as additional Licensors join the VVC Advance Patent Pool. As with the HEVC Advance Patent Pool, the VVC Advance Patent Portfolio License (“PPL”) includes all VVC SEPs, current and future, that the program’s Licensors have the right to license, regardless of whether the patents are specifically included in the patent list. This assures that compliant Licensees are licensed to all VVC Advance Licensors’ VVC SEP claims under the terms of the PPL when a patent with VVC essential claims issues, even if a Licensor is unaware of essential patent claims or such claims have yet to be evaluated.

“We commend the inventiveness of our licensors and the efforts they have shown in having their patents evaluated for VVC essentiality,” stated Access Advance CEO, Pete Moller. “The results so far have surpassed our expectations in the size and scope that the VVC Advance patent portfolio would have at this early point in the program. With this strong start we are confident that the VVC Advance Patent Pool is the marketplace’s best option to consolidate the VVC patent landscape into a single pool moving forward. This consolidation will provide greater licensing certainty and lower royalties and administrative costs to the entire marketplace, while accelerating VVC adoption and providing users with a seamless and enhanced video experience.”

About Access Advance:

Access Advance LLC is an independent licensing administrator company formed to lead the development, administration, and management of patent pools for licensing essential patents of the most important standards-based video codec technologies. Access Advance provides a transparent and efficient licensing mechanism for both patent owners and patent implementers. Access Advance currently manages and administers the HEVC Advance Patent Pool for licensing patents essential to H.265/HEVC technology, and the separate and independent VVC Advance Patent Pool for licensing essential patents to VVC/H.266 technology. The HEVC Advance Patent Pool and the VVC Advance Patent Pool are elements of the Access Advance Video Codec Platform Initiative that seamlessly incorporates HEVC and VVC technologies into a single discounted royalty rate structure through the Multi-Codec Bridging Agreement for eligible Licensees whose products include both HEVC and VVC codecs. This innovation responds to the market’s desire for an even more efficient next-generation pool licensing structure. For more information, please visit

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