Dexlevo’s GOURI Symposium and Brand Event at IMCAS 2023

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February 05, 2023 09:40
SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire) February 05, 2023 -- Dexlevo, a company specializing in aesthetic medical devices, successfully held a symposium dedicated to its exclusive product, ‘GOURI’, at the IMCAS World Congress 2023 in Paris. IMCAS (International Master Course on Aging Science), held from Jan 26th to Jan 28th in Paris, France, is one of the world’s three major aesthetics anti-aging societies.

Over 200 doctors and companies who visited Dexlevo's booth showed great interest in GOURI - a unique injectable that provides a fundamental solution to anti-aging.

GOURI symposium titled “Universal Anti-Aging Treatment” was conducted by an Australian dermatologist Dr. Paul Han, who apart from giving a lecture also demonstrated a new GOURI treatment protocol which lately has gained increasing popularity among doctors who use GOURI. Dr. Paul commented, “While keeping the results as great as we had with the previous protocol, the new one dramatically improves the patient’s experience and reduces the patient’s fear of treatment due to pain.”

An exclusive Dexlevo’s brand event called Gorgeous GOURI Night was held on the evening of Jan 26th. It was a customized event where GOURI doctors and distributors worldwide could share their experience and knowledge about the product. After the “Gorgeous GOURI Experience” session, where doctors freely presented their cases and treatment experiences, guests got a chance to experience Korean traditional music - gugak - and clothing - hanbok.

Dexlevo’s representative said, “Through Gorgeous GOURI Night, an exclusive event dedicated solely to GOURI, we aimed to enhance product understanding and promote brand awareness. It was an opportunity for doctors to expand their network” and added, “We plan to keep demonstrating the excellence of GOURI through various marketing activities, such as holding brand events and participating in international anti-aging conferences.”

Dexlevo’s GOURI is the world's first liquefied polycaprolatone (PCL) collagen stimulator that naturally spreads throughout the face after injection, including the area around the eyes, to induce collagen production.

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News provided byDEXLEVO Inc.