Artilysin® - A Groundbreaking “Green Pharma” Solution

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Jun. 25, 2023 13:20
TRIESENBERG, LIECHTENSTEIN--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire)--Lysando, the leading pioneer in the field of antimicrobial proteins has achieved significant milestones with its cutting-edge Artilysin® technology. This innovative platform has demonstrated a distinctive mode of action and exceptional versatility, positioning it at the forefront of the battle against resistant pathogenic bacteria. Embracing the “green pharma” philosophy, Lysando's Artilysin® molecules effectively target resistant pathogens while minimizing environmental, wastewater, and food chain impact.

A major concern with antibiotics is the global crisis of antibiotic resistance, severely impacting public health. In contrast, Artilysin® directly addresses this issue by reducing the likelihood of resistance development. Owing to its unique mode of action, Artilysin® minimizes the selective pressure on bacteria, thereby mitigating the risk of the emergence and spread of resistant strains within communities and healthcare settings.

Moreover, Artilysin® is a zero environmental impact approach. Unlike antibiotics, which accumulate and persist in soil, water, and other habitats for extended periods of time, Artilysin® degrades rapidly. This attribute enables a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to combating bacterial infections, leading to positive long-term results for both the environment and human health.

“Prioritizing the adoption of eco-friendly technologies is crucial for achieving sustainable development. I firmly believe that Artilysin® not only spearheads sustainable development but also surpasses antibiotics,” said Dr. Park, CEO of Amicogen, Korean Biotech company and Lysando's development partner.

Lysando takes pride in being at the forefront of this groundbreaking technology, offering a safer and more sustainable alternative to antibiotics. Environmental considerations along with our commitment fighting antibiotic resistant bacteria are strong drivers of our development efforts. We believe Artilysin® represents a significant step towards a greener future.

About Amicogen Inc.

Amicogen Inc. (092040.KQ) is a CDMO and biotechnology company based in Jinju, South Korea. Amicogen is a leader in the development and production of specialty enzymes and proteins for the biopharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and other industries.

About Lysando AG

Lysando AG is market leader for antimicrobial proteins, so‐called Artilysin® molecules. They can effectively eliminate problem‐causing bacteria without associated high risk of resistance formation and microbial disbalances. Artilysin® constitutes an innovative, proprietary, and environmentally friendly technology with a wide range of applications.

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