The 2023 Korean Literature Review Contest is Open to Foreign Readers

Opportunity to Visit Korea and Experience Its Culture for Nine Days.

Accepted for 5 language categories of English, Chinese, Indonesian, Arabic, and Spanish.

Prize winners will be given various benefits such as the opportunity to experience Korean culture and e-book readers.

SEOUL--(Korea Newswire)--Literature Translation Institute of Korea (the “Institute”) holds the 2023 Korean Literature Review Contest from July 10 (Mon) to September 30 (Sat).

Anyone can apply for this contest after reading one of the books selected by the Institute and expressing their impressions in various creative formats, including text, picture, and video. Any foreign readers over the age of 14 are eligible for the contest. This year, applicable languages are five: English, Chinese, Indonesian, Arabic, and Spanish. Applicants should select one of these languages to write and submit review content.

Selected books for this review contest are five as follows: “Whale” by Cheon Myeong-kwan, “If We Can’t Go at the Speed of Light” by Kim Cho-Yeop, “School Nurse Ahn Eun-young” by Chung Serang, “Concerning My Daughter” by Kim Hye-Jin, and “Hope is Lonely” by Kim Seung-hee.

Application is open until September 30, and the winning entries will be announced on October 24. Participants should upload the entries on their social media, and then register the participant information and link to the entry on the competition website ( Participants may submit multiple works for different categories. However, one work cannot be submitted twice in the same category, and only one work among several submitted will be awarded. For three top prize winners in each category, an opportunity to participate in the invitation programs to experience various cultures in Korea will be provided in November. Various gifts such as tablet PCs, e-book readers, and Amazon gift cards will be offered to 1st to 3rd place winners of each language and category (120 winners in total).

More information about the contest is available on the website, and the YouTube channel of the Institute also provides promotional videos for the contest and interviews in which writers introduce their own works.

Submitted entries must be pure creations of individuals free from the help of others or machines (AI). Verification procedures for work process and plagiarism will be conducted only for winning works.

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