Cheongdam MUU.I Beauty Salon Strengthens Personal Color Consulting

Recruitment of Director Jeong-min Kim of Warm & Cool Color Image Consulting

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Nov. 21, 2023 09:00
SEOUL--(Korea Newswire)--A total beauty salon, Cheongdam MUU.I (CEO Soo-jin Lee), has begun strengthening its personal color consulting services.

MUU.I ( hired Director Jeong-min Kim of Warm & Cool Color Image Consulting to provide a variety of personal color consulting services. Director Kim is a color image consulting expert and has appeared on several media outlets, including “Song Ji-hyo’s Beauty View” of JTBC, to introduce personal color.

MUU.I is a beauty salon in Cheongdam, and it diagnoses personal color and recommends colors and styles that match clothes, hair dye, accessories, nails, etc. In addition, MUU.I plans to provide professional education and coaching on color matching to help with private shopping, job interviews, and personal branding.

Personal color service finds a color that matches an individual’s natural body color and applies it to hair, makeup, fashion, etc. Recently, the trend has expanded to branding one’s personal image.

In general, personal color is determined by the color of skin, eyes, hair, etc. For example, warm tones look good in yellowish skin while cool tones look good in pale and bluish skin. Recently, personal color services have been gaining great popularity overseas, together with K-Beauty.

Ms. Ga seong Wang (China, 25 years old), an influencer who visited Korea, said, “The first thing you should do in Korea is to receive a personal color service. You can try on makeup that matches your personal color and purchase cosmetics and clothes. This service helps you look good with a bright face. It helps to increase confidence by making it stand out.”

Su-jin Lee, CEO of Cheongdam MUU.I, said, “As more overseas travelers are coming to Korea since the last pandemic, foreigners are consistently visiting Cheongdam MUU.I to receive personal consulting services.” She added, “When hair, makeup, and fashion that match your personal color are in harmony, your skin will look better. The personal color makes your skin look clean and bright, and makes your facial features stand out more.”

CEO Lee also expressed her ambition and said that “various customers, including brides-to-be, YouTubers, announcers, entertainers, CEOs, and influencers, have received MUU.I’s services. We will widely promote K-beauty services not only to domestic customers but also to overseas customers.”

Cheongdam MUU.I hair salon( is located at Cheongdam Intersection, provides a comfortable environment for enjoying beauty services. Reservations can be made Naver and Kakao Hair Shop platforms.

Abou Cheongdam MUU.I

Cheongdam MUU.I store is located at Cheongdam Intersection, and it provides a comfortable environment for enjoying total beauty services. Reservations can be made via Naver and Kakao Hair Shop platforms.

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