Waters BioAccord System with ACQUITY Premier Brings Greater Simplicity, Accuracy and Reproducibility to Multi-Attribute Monitoring of Biopharmaceuticals

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New LC-MS system delivers accurate and reproducible results for multi-attribute monitoring of biologics.

Eliminates analyte-to-metal surface interactions greatly enhancing recovery of hard-to-detect sample analytes.

Gives more scientists greater access to MS data to improve quality, reduce costs, and ultimately help get medicines to patients faster.

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Sep. 17, 2021 09:50
MILFORD, MASS.--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire)--Waters Corporation (NYSE:WAT) today introduced the Waters™ BioAccord™ System with ACQUITY™ Premier, a combination of the Waters BioAccord System and the breakthrough ACQUITY Premier UPLC™ with MaxPeak™ High Performance Surface (HPS) technology. The integrated high-resolution LC-MS system simplifies multi-attribute monitoring of biotherapeutics by improving analyte recovery and assay-to-assay reproducibility so that regulated laboratories can get needed medicines to patients faster.

“As promising as next-generation biotherapeutics are, they can be difficult to characterize when they contain low-level analytes which strongly interact and bind to the internal metal surfaces of conventional LCs, making them almost impossible to detect,” said Dr. Udit Batra, CEO and President, Waters Corporation. “When it comes to analyzing biologics, information is currency and by solving the problem of analyte-to-metal interactions, the BioAccord System with ACQUITY Premier gives scientists a faster means of getting information about everything in their samples from the very first injection.”

The compact, benchtop BioAccord System with ACQUITY Premier features MaxPeak HPS technology and the SmartMS™-enabled ACQUITY RDa™ mass detector allowing analysts of all abilities to monitor critical quality attributes of biotherapeutics and assess the processes that make them, all while decreasing risk, thanks to compliant-ready acquisition and data workflows that deliver consistent data quality from user-to-user and system-to-system.

MaxPeak HPS technology is a hybrid organic/inorganic surface technology that forms a barrier between the sample and the biocompatible metal surfaces of both the UPLC inlet and column. By mitigating, or eliminating altogether, non-specific adsorption, MaxPeak HPS offers many benefits, among them:

· up to a 300% increase in detector sensitivity for more accurate glycan profiling, important for monitoring process and product quality of biologics[1]
· greatly improved analyte recovery and assay sensitivity for the measurement of modified peptides and impurities that are undetectable by conventional means
· sharper peak shapes and greater peak capacity for more accurate analyte identification and data interpretation
· greater reproducibility for separations prone to adsorptive losses meaning less re-work or troubleshooting, and more confidence in results
· eliminates need for system passivation that wastes valuable sample material or ties up instrument cycles
· eases the transfer of methods from site-to-site and from company-to-company

With automated set-up and guided workflows made possible with SmartMS technology, the BioAccord System with ACQUITY Premier is designed for easy deployment. Rapid system startup is enabled through the delivery of​ system and applications training with pre-defined biopharmaceutical methods for each key workflow. And, because regulatory compliance and data integrity is vital to many biopharmaceutical laboratories, the system is built on the waters_connect™ informatics platform backed by an industry-leading compliant informatics architecture and the worldwide availability of professional qualification services. ​

Customer shipments of the BioAccord System with ACQUITY Premier are expected to begin at the end of this month.

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[1] Typical results based on Waters lab tests of multiple compounds using both standard UPLC systems and columns compared with ACQUITY PREMIER system and columns featuring MaxPeak HPS. 300% increase in detector sensitivity of structurally similar phosphorylated mannose-6-glycans. Detection sensitivity may vary depending on the analytes being measured.

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