Bluehole Publishes an Article on the World’s Thinnest Ceramic Coil Vape Pod Solution, FEELM Air

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Mar. 02, 2022 09:10
SHENZHEN, CHINA--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire)--China’s leading vaping media, Bluehole New Consumption, today publishes an article on the world’s thinnest ceramic coil vape pod solution, FEELM Air.

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“E-cigarettes look simple, but are actually very sophisticated. Small alterations in structure and technique could bring profound changes to the product experience”--- Christ Lee, Product Manager of FEELM Air.

On Jan 18, 2022, FEELM, the flagship atomization tech brand belonging to SMOORE, has unveiled the world's thinnest vape pod solution with ceramic coil, FEELM Air in London. It has been 6 years since the launch of first generation of FEELM vaping solution. Compared with previous generation, the thickness of FEELM Air is reduced by 25% to 7.8 mm. It features 7 major breakthroughs in vaping experience, including ultimate design, improved harm reduction performance, authentic flavor reproduction and joyful interactive experience. This solution is expected to lead a new trend of ultra-slim smart device in the global vaping industry.

As the world‘s largest vaping manufacturer, SMOORE has conducted a number of global consumer researches by virtue of its worldwide customer base and partnership with world’s leading vape brands. With in-depth insights into consumer behaviors, SMOORE found that the ultra-slim device will be the future of the industry.

As a new tech gadget, the vaping device nowadays has been accepted as a consumer electronics product, more than a tobacco product. “The evolution of mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and all other consumer electronics shows a trend towards miniaturization and sophistication,” said Christ Lee, Product Manager of FEELM Air. “Based on our understanding on consumer electronics, we came up with the idea of making an ultra-slim closed system vaping product.”

Bringing the Idea into Being

It is feasible to create the world’s thinnest vape pod solution only under the premise of developing a compact but powerful ceramic coil. Therefore, FEELM has involved over 500 scientists for more than 2,500 days to bring such heater into being.

FEELM has overcome a series of technical challenges during the development. Most of them come from the requirement for better performance while the available space in the 7.5 mm device is very limited.

Above all, it is challenging to design a smooth airflow passage in such compact pod since e-liquid and the heater have already occupied certain space, thus FEELM has applied Computational Fluid Dynamics to optimize its airflow passage structure.

Moreover, it has higher requirement for the forming technique to make an Ultra-slim Bionic Film Ceramic Coil. FEELM Air has leveraged Nanoscale Vacuumed Film-forming Technique to make the heating film of the coil distributed more evenly. Besides, it has the world’s first 7-layer composite heating film made of bionic materials, with each layer leading to a correspondingly enhanced functionality.

In order to utilize the compact space, FEELM also managed to create the world's smallest linear motor with an ultra-long lifespan of 150 million cycles along with suppliers, thereby facilitating the technological innovations of the supply chain.

Meanwhile, FEELM Air is equipped with the industry’s first super power management system “TOPOWER™”, which allows 10-minute charge for 8-hour vaping. Its energy density is increased by 20% and battery life is increased by 30%. More importantly, FEELM Air improves an overall harm reduction performance by 80%, compared with last generation.

Changing the Vaping Industry

As a revolutionary vaping solution, FEELM Air could reverse the underestimation of the technological sophistication of vaping devices, convincing the public that electronic atomization products are high-tech innovations.

In a bid to develop this cutting-edge vaping solution, SMOORE has been fully committed to fundamental research. Since 2015, SMOORE has been acquiring global talents from different scientific backgrounds, including aerosol science, engineering thermophysics, biomedicine, and Materials chemistry; and has established 15 research centers around the world for the cross-disciplinary research on atomization science.

Moreover, in December 2020, FEELM introduced the world's first Taste Evaluation Model, establishing a scientific system to evaluate vaping experience. In 2022, FEELM sensory evaluation team has further developed the model. Now, the second generation of FEELM Taste Evaluation Model is composed of 5 dimensions, namely Aroma, Vapor Property, Impact, Taste/Mouthfeel, and Aftertaste, with 65 specific indexes.

Furthermore, FEELM Air has improved the intelligence of electronic atomization products, thereby leading a revolution of human-device interaction in the industry. Just like the debut of Siri on iPhone 4s in 2011, it is the industry‘s first to adopt a linear motor in vaping devices. In contrast to traditional rotor motors, FEELM Air’s linear motor can provide more delicate and customized vibration modes for different scenarios, such as charging and puffing.

“The industry is already full of homogenous products,” said Steven Yang, Senior Director of FEELM R&D. “FEELM attempts to distinguish itself from others by taking a differentiation strategy to develop an ultra-slim and exquisite solution. Committed to minimalist aesthetic and ultimate design, we benchmark ourselves against Apple in the consumer electronics sector.” As a consequence, FEELM Air has been granted “Silver Winner” of MUSE Design Awards 2021.

For years, FEELM has focused on exploring more human-device interactions on vaping devices. According to Steven Yang, future FEELM products will adopt more advanced algorithms to enable intelligent heating and temperature control, so as to match with different e-liquids for better flavor reproduction and further improve harm reduction performance by preventing localized over-heating.

The Future with FEELM

As an industry pioneer, FEELM has been taking the lead in conceiving the next generation of product form. Since the launch of the first black metallic film ceramic coil in 2016, FEELM has a significant impact on the research and manufacturing of closed system vaping products, ushering in a new era of ceramic coil.

As Steven Yang said, the technology strategy of FEELM is commercializing a generation with the next generation in development and a cutting-edge technology as backup. Early in 2015, FEELM has already initiated the development of FEELM Air and its Ultra-slim Bionic Film Ceramic Coil.

FEELM Air is the just the beginning of FEELM's self-revolution. Moving forward, FEELM will expedite the launch of new technologies, aiming to introduce at least a new one every year. As the future vaping market becomes more segmented, FEELM is going to cater for diversified market segments and different customer groups by expanding its technology portfolio.

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